The Age of Napoleon

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  • Napoleon's Birth

    Napoleon's Birth
    Napoleon was born in Corsica, which is a French-ruled island in the Mediterranean.
  • Becoming an officer in the French army

    Becoming an officer in the French army
    Napoleon was sent to France at age 9 to be trained for a military career. He was 20 years old when the revolution broke out. He was very eager to make a name for himself.
  • Coup d'état

    Napoleon and his military overthrew the government. They did that because they not want the government that they were put under.
  • Napoleonic code

    New set of Laws that was like the Enlightenment laws. Some of the new laws were the all citizens should be equal, religious toleration, and ending feudalism.
  • Napoleon's coronation

    On this day, Napoleon took the crown from the Pope’s head and placed it on his head. By doing this, Napoleon wanted to show that he will give respect to no one on the throne but himself. This took place in Paris.
  • The Battle of Trafalgar

    They prepared to invade England. They fought off the southwest coast of Spain and admiral Horatio nelson smashed the french fleet.
  • Bonaparte becomes King of Spain

    Placed his own brother on the throne. Also forced alliances on European powers from Madrid to Moscow. Later on, other leaders signed treaties to overthrow him.
  • The Battle of Wagram

    The Austrians sought revenge. The Napoleon triumphed at this battle.
  • Invasion of Russia

    Napoleon invaded and to avoid battles, Russians retreated eastward, burning crops and villages as they went. It left the french hungry when the french came. And he realized that he would not be able to feed and supply his army through the long Russian winter. In October, he returned homeward.
  • Battle of the Nations (Leipzig)

    The disaster in Russia brought a new alliance of Russia, Britain, Austria, and Prussia against a weakened France. They defeated napoleon in the battle of the nations at Leipzig.
  • Napoleon's exile to Elba

    Napoleon stepped down from power and the victors exiled him to Elba, an island in the Mediterranean. He later will escape.
  • Napoleon's return

    Napoleon stepped down from power and the victors exiled him to Elba, an island in the Mediterranean.
  • The Battle of Waterloo

    Opposing armies met near the town of Waterloo. It was a day long battle. And once again, Napoleon was forced to abdicate and go into exile on St. Helena. And this time, he would not return.
  • Napoleon’s exile to St. Helena

    Napoleon’s exile to St. Helena 1815, he was exiled into St Helena on a lonely island in the South Atlantic and he would not return.
  • Period: to

    Military Campaign in Egypt and Syria

    The Egyptian campaign was proved to be a disaster. Napoleon managed to hide all the stories from all his French admirers about all this bad losses.
  • Period: to

    The Grand Empire

    Battled the combined forces. Took risks and suffered huge losses and by 1812, it reached its greatest extent.