Technological Events 1960-2013

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Red The Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory is established.
Cb gr PLATO was initiated at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cb gr The Filmstrip Viewer is released
Cb gr (ERIC) is established as a national information system
Red PLATO IV Touch Screen Terminal created
Cb gr Scantron is developed
Cb gr Texas Instruments develops the first hand-held calculator
Cb gr Plato computer is created
Red Illinois Math and Science created
Cb gr CD-Rom players for computers
Cb gr Texas Instruments creates the popularTI-81 Graphing Calculator
Red The Technology-Related Assistance Act for Individuals with Disabilities passed
Red Mosaic, the first graphical browser for the World Wide Web, is developed at the University of Illinois
Red State Plan for Information Technology in K-12 is created
Red The first Technology and Life Skills mini-summer camps were held for 1 week
Red CI 335 classes at University of Illinois create the educational Technology timeline
Cb gr Interactive Whiteboard created
Red State Plan for Information Technology in K-12 2002-2007 is adopted
Cb gr Apple releases iMac in teal with a built-in microphone
Cb gr iClicker created
Cb gr XO Laptop: One laptop per child
Auto racing plain blue.svg Survey of 4th and 5th grade families and their home technological resources.
Auto racing plain blue.svg Administrative and tech/teacher team meet to review plan and collect necessary data. Stakeholders provide input as necessary.
Auto racing plain blue.svg Technology Directory finalizes initial plans to implement more streamlined usage of services and make the website more of a portal for pertinent information.
Auto racing plain blue.svg District Tech Plan Chair works with School Improvement Plan member for data trends and data accumulation.
Auto racing plain blue.svg Tech Plan Stakeholders meet with teachers, parents, and community members to formulate an action plan for the Technology Plan.
Auto racing plain blue.svg District 228 Technology plan adopted
Auto racing plain blue.svg Geneseo High School creates the Radio Club leading to student created and produced morning talk shows
Red The Illinois Virtual School is created
Cb gr Ipad created
Auto racing plain blue.svg District 228 wins 3rd place in a national survey of the use of digital technology
Auto racing plain blue.svg District 228 purchases 1000 iPads
Auto racing plain blue.svg Student created and produced sports show: Green Zone Created
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Blue= Local Events Red=State Events Green=National Events