Tech Through The Ages

Timeline created by thelivingmeme
  • 6,000 BCE


    The axe is a metal or stone blade mounted on a wooden handle. It is very useful for cutting various things.
  • 3,500 BCE

    The Wheel/Axle

    The Wheel/Axle
    The wheel/axle is a simple machine that allows heavy loads to be easily transported.
  • 2,300 BCE

    Bronze/Iron weapons

    Bronze/Iron weapons
    Bronze and iron are stronger than materials that had been previously used to make weapons (i.e. stone, weaker alloys, ect.). Soldiers who wielded these weapons had a strong advantage over those who did not.
  • -300 BCE


    The trebuchet is a catapult that uses a counter weight to fling projectiles at longer distances than a regular catapult.
  • 365


    The saddle is a seat that is placed on the back of a horse or other animal. They allow people to ride longer and better.
  • 1260


    The cannon is a military weapon that uses an explosive charge to fire a projectile even farther than a trebuchet can. Modern versions of cannons are widely used today. This invention helped greatly with sieges of castles and other holdouts.
  • Turret

    The turret is a revolving case mate (housing) that holds one or more cannons, artillery pieces, or guns. This arrangement made it possible to cover large areas with fewer guns.
  • Breech loading artillery

    Breech loading artillery
    The gun breech is much more effective than muzzle loading and was an important technological step towards modern artillery. I allowed artillery to be much more efficient and was invented by Martin von Wahrendorff.
  • Computer

    The computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data. The first true computer was developed in 1937. It helped information be easily stored and processed.
  • Rocket/Missile guidance systems

    Rocket/Missile guidance systems
    The first missile guidance system was developed in Germany and was used in the V-2 rocket. It solved the problem of needing human pilots to deliver payloads. It was invented by Wernher von Braun.
  • Satellite

    The satellite is a transmitter in orbit of the Earth. It can be used to transmit information, phone calls, and many other things.
  • Period:
    6,000 BCE