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Timeline Born Since they had no home, they lived under a Grove by the river in a Ranch called "Tierras de Arado" In pueblo La Atalaya; Purificacion, Jalisco where he was born. And 2 days later His mother Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez died giving birth. Tia Virginia (Tia Juana's mother) breastfed him for a few months then returned him to his paternal grandparents who then finished nursing him with goat milk. He was raised by them till the age of 10.
Timeline Schooling He was 6yrs old when he started 1st grade in Elementary school but he hated school, his grandmother would take him and as soon as she left he would takeoff and ditch school to go play marbles and tops but when his grandmother busted him he got a "garrotera" (whipping) as he would put it. So after one month of school he dropped out and got a job.
Timeline First Job or Business Venture He would go to the hills and cut grass and "quelite" and load it on his donkey then travel to the main road in town and sell them for the pigs. Then he started cuting wood and selling the load for 10 cents to the markets. And during the rainy season he would go work for his uncle in the corn fields working from 3am to 8pm for 10 cents a day, the adults would make 50 cents a day.
Timeline Tata goes to live with his Dad and brother At the age of 10 his granparents couldn't handle him no more because he was "travieso" so they sent him off to leave with his uncle Heriberto with lies that it was a nice ranch with horses for him, but instead it was far and desolate so he ran away 2 days later when his brother came to see him and went to live with his Dad, he did not like his wife because she was lazy so he kept kicking her out, and hire somebody to care for the house. His Father never said anything to him for doing that.
Timeline Tata's Grandparents Death Tata was 12 years old when his Grandfather died in 2/1934 from high fevers, 2 years later in 5/1936 his Grandmother died, she fell in a creek face down which was too hard for her to get up due to her old age and drowned.
Timeline Danza De La Conquista "Tata a dancer" At 16 him and his brother joined a dancing group called "Danza de la Conquista" he was "El Rey Tlascala" his brother one of the spaniards. There were no wages only free food, drink and dancing afterwards, and they loved to dance! Nana told him that it was in one of his presentations that she first layed eyes on him before he even saw her. He says he looked very handsome in his custome and girls went crazy over him.
Timeline Tata's 1st marriage to Juana Casillas at age 18 he married 14 year old Juana Casillas who died 5 years later after giving birth to Heriberto his first born son.
Timeline Tata's Father's Death Tata's Father passed away at the age of 45, it is believed that he died from Diabetes, although back in those days there were no means to diagnose the desease.

Tata was 19.
Timeline Tio Beto's Birth to Juanita Casillas (Tata's 1st wife) in La Atalaya, Purificacion Jalisco, Mexico.
Timeline Met Nana Maria On his way to visit my Tia Juana he saw 3 girls walking down a grassy plain. Tia Antonia, Tia Chayo and Nana in front and said to himself "me gusta esa guerita y me voy a quedar con ella" that was the 1st time he ever saw my Nana she was 13 and Tata was 23.

He went to my Tia Juana and told her about it and my Tia told him that it was her sister in law, Tata said well then you are gonna have to help me with her then. and that's how he met my Nana through my Tia Juana
Timeline Eloped/Kidnapped Nana This has always been the wedding anniversary we celebrate. He rode his horse to her house at night and waited behind the bushes for her mom to come with my Nana. this was the arrangement he and her mother had made to elope without the knowledge of her brothers because they were totally against it, Her Mom liked him a lot. they had to leave the town because when her brothers found out they were looking for him with guns to kill him, but Tata had family in the Government that helped him.
Timeline Actual "Civil" Marriage Tata and Nana When my Nana's brothers were finally halted by my Tata's Uncle Pedro Brambila who was the Sheriff in town. My Tata bought my Nana material to make herself a dress and they went to get married in the Court with no wedding celebrations at all.
Timeline Tia Juana's Birth in la Atalaya, Purificacion Jalisco Mexico
Timeline Tio Gus's Birth in La Atalaya, Purificacion Jalisco, Mexico
Timeline He arrived to Tijuana, Mexico Do to a long dry spell, there was no grass to feed the pigs therefore, not beeing able to fatten up the pigs to sell them he lost a lot of money and was in debt. He decited that he rather leave town then humiliate himself to work for somebody else. So they sold everything they own including their home and headed out with no knowledge of where they were going. on their way they ran into my Tia Juana who invited them to Tijuana, so they came with her.
Timeline Migrated to US illegally He walked from La Colonia Libertad Tijuana, Mexico to Lakeside, CA with two neighbor friends , they left at 3 in the morning and arrived to Lakeside at 1 in the afternoon, they were caught by Immigration and sent back to Tijuana. But they just turned around and went back!!! and as he says: "No hay valor como el de un Pendejo" Tata
Timeline 1st US Job With "la Americana" in a ranch in Lakeside doing construction for $3/day working from 5am to 8pm. He worked there for 6 months then his boss La Americana took him to work to her house in mission beach where he worked for 1 year. He would work during the week and then walk back to Tijuana to take money to my Nana and walk back on sundays.
Timeline Tia Gina's Birth in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico
Timeline Worked in Tijuana w/Don Armando Verdugo & John Alessio Don Verdugo was a very powerfull man in Mexico & in the United States. Tata worked for him for 10years as a gardener/handyman. He helped tata immigrate w/his connections. He also got him a 2nd job w/John Alessio at Caliente Race Track (later a co-owner of Hotel Del Coronado & Kona Kai resort) John Alessio Bio
Timeline Tio Jorge's Birth in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico
Timeline Tia Elisa's Birth in Tijuan, Baja California Mexico
Timeline Converted to Christianity/Baptised Tata was raised Catholic. "El haber acceptado a Cristo como mi salvador y poder servirle limpiamente desde 1959 hasta este momento fue el momento mas importante en mi vida" Tata
Timeline Tia Graciela's Birth in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico
Timeline Tata gets his Immigration Papers His childhood dream "Emigrar a los Estados Unidos y crusar finalmente la Famosa Linea al Otro Lado LEGALMENTE!" (Tata) Don Verdugo (Tatas Boss in Tijuana) was good friends with the American Counsul making it easier for him to Immigrate and start his whole family's immigration process.
Timeline 2nd Job in US @ The University of San Diego After immigrating to the U.S Mariano (Nanas nephew) helped him get a job as a gardener for USD, He worked there for 2 years. Meanwhile my Tio Luis Guzman taught him how to weld in the back yard in hopes for a better job.
Timeline Tia Albina's Birth in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico
Timeline Tia Socorro's Birth in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico
Timeline Tata Immigrates Heriberto (son) & Luis (brother-law/adopted son) Tata with the help of Don Verdugo Immigrates his oldest son Heriberto (Beto) and my Nana's brother Luis, whom they adopted since he was a teenager.
Timeline Tata Immigrates his whole family Once again with the help of Don Verdugo & the support of John Alession, Tata is finally able to immigrate his entire family and move them to their 1st residence in the United States (2156 National Ave San Diego).
Timeline 3rd US job @ Tassco Welding Shop this job helped him perfect his welding skills, he worked there for a 1year
Timeline Tio Hector's Birth in San Diego, California
Timeline 4th job in US @ Nasco He worked there for 10 years and was then permanently disabled due to his arthritis.
Timeline Bought 1st house in US Tata won at Caliente Race Track in Tijuana and saved some of his winnings and with that they gave the down payment towards the purchase of their one and only house they've live in 2739 Logan ave for $13,000.00 USD. And worked hard on spare time to extend and remodel to what it is now.
Timeline Became a U.S Citizen With the advise of Mr. Leonard Fierro (his daughter's boss). Tata and Nana attended Citizenship Classes at night along with his daughter Gina as the translator. A sacrifice they made for a better future for their younger kids.
Timeline Started Guzman and Son landscaping Tata started this landscaping Route along with his son Jorge out of his back yard with one 1952 hot orange ford truck, then later in 1975 together with his sons Gus and Jorge started G N Properties buying fixer uppers then fixing them and reselling them for a good profit.
Timeline Terry's Birth in San Diego, California
Timeline Established Envirowest We Care Landscaping Co. Tata along with his 3 sons Gus, Jorge and Beto started Envirowest in National City, California off of Sweetwater Rd.
But it grew too large for the building so in 1979 they bought a large property and relocated north to Mira Mar on Commerce St. Tata worked there till Nana had heart surgery and needed his care in 2000.
Reggie 0049 Tata and Nana's 50th Wedding Anniversary Finally after 50 years of marriage Tata and Nana have their long awaited wedding! All their kids got together and put out a wedding worthy of Tata and Nana they had Nanas wedding outfit made in ivory and gold and Tata dressed in an ivory tux they looked stunning! and all their kids were the wedding party all dressed in gold and black. It was a wedding to be remembered.
Reggie 0009 Tata's Brother Feliciano's Death My Tata was extremely close to his brother since they were little. They always looked after each other, and never fought or argued. He cherishes all the memories they created together and enjoys sharing them. The last time he saw his brother alive was in Guadalajara during his last treatments. He died shortly after that. He was 80 years old.
Timeline Tata's Travels "he loves to travel" His longest and fardest trip was to Europe with his daughter Gina and her girls to visit Jessica in Germany. He travel all through Germany, Paris France & Rome Italy. He has traveled through all the United States, to New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Virginia City, Baltimore, Atlantic City, pennsilvanya, Colorado, Oregon, washington State, Canada, Arizona, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Las Vegas and Mexico & now planing on a cruise to Alaska with his daughter Graciela.
Timeline Tata's Wife Maria (Nana) Dies Tata said "El trago mas amargo en mi vida fue perder a mi viejita". It was defenetely the hardest time in his life when Nana passed away, and to this day he misses her dearly and longs for her touch.
Timeline Tata's Grand kids and Great-Grand kids Tata's Legacy is a total of 11 Kids, 27 Grand Kids and 16 Great Grand Kids and 1 on the way, to this day.