Student Autobiographical Timeline Sample

Timeline created by timetoast180
  • Birth of a lovely girl!

    Birth of a lovely girl!
    I was born in Covina, California. My mom told me that I made a grand entrance to the world. I really cried my lungs out! Of course I didn't remember that day. However, my parents said that that was the happiest day of their lives! It made me realize how much my parents love me!
  • Preschool

    I went to a preschool called ABC. It was very near to our house. I remember the colors on the walls of the classroom. There, I made my first friend, Brenda, who is still my best friend!
  • 1st Grade!

    1st Grade!
    I remember the first day in the new school. We had just moved to the new neighborhood. I didn't know anybody! It was terrifying! However, the teacher, Ms. Langley, was really nice. All I wanted to do was to talk to her! A teacher really makes a difference!
  • A Wonderful Year!

    A Wonderful Year!
    This was a wonderful year, because my family welcomed a new member, my little sister! My parents asked me what they should call her, and I said Kelly. They liked it, and that's how my sister got her name. She was such a wonderful baby! I couldn't wait to go home every day to spend time with her. It made me realize how much I love my sister!
  • Terrible 3rd grade

    Terrible 3rd grade
    I did really poorly in math. I remember that my teacher was always calling my mom. Finally, my mom hired a math tutor for me. I hated the extra work, but it really helped me in the end! Hard work does pay off!
  • Becoming an Adolescent!

    Becoming an Adolescent!
    My transition to middle school was great! I made friends the first day of school. No one was mean to me. I also enjoyed going to different classrooms for my classes. It made me feel so grown up! I was a little apprehensive about middle school in the beginning, but it's not so bad afterall!
  • Grandma and Grandpa

    Grandma and Grandpa
    This was a very memorable year for me, because my grandma passed away, and my grandpa came to live with my family. We were all very sad at the passing of grandma, but in the end, the family pulled together, and it really worked out great! I enjoyed having my grandpa around! It was the first time I lost a loved one. The impact this event had on me was that family is really important, and that no matter how sad one might be, one will recover.