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St. Teresa of Ávila

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Esp avila 01 28th Mar, 1515 St. Teresa is born in Avila St. Teresa was born in Avila, to a family of 10 siblings and two loving, noble parents. She was baptised as Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda y Ahumada.
Stteresaavila3 28th Mar, 1515 Family welcomes an angel St. Teresa was born to a welcoming, religious and pious family. Her father Alonso Sánchez de Cepeda, was a new comer to the religion becuase of his father's own conversion from Judaism to Catholicism. Her mother, Beatriz, was specially keen to welcome a new girl child to raise a noble Christian.
2469235204 9dda9b72ae 1st Jan, 1528 St. Teresa's mother dies The love of St. Teresa's heart, her mother, dies and her departure impacts profoundly on Teresa's emotions, future and health.
Geschi haushaltsschule gr 1st Jan, 1531 Enters Augustinian Convent for education Because of the death of her mother as a young child, Teresa's father sends her to the Augustinisn convent to be influenced by the convent works. Here she realises her vocation in life. She is influenced by her father, and uncle which gave her the Letters of Saint Jerome, which she adored. However, she leaves after 8 months, ending her youth-education.
Chanting the divine office 2nd Nov, 1536 Enters Carmelite Convent After her experiences in the Augustinian Convent, Teresa once again enrolls in the Carmelite Convent of the Incarnation. She feels a special attachment to being a bride of Christ. And for the next twenty years experiences periods of semi-conversion to Jesus
Carmelite choir 3rd Nov, 1537 Becomes Professor At the Convent of the Incarnation, a year after her entry, she becomes an educational professer. She bases herself on the education of the young and old all for the Glory of God.
St. teresa of avila2 1st Jan, 1538 Teresa's health stikes back Teresa's health starts to decay. She goes to stay with her half-sister in a another village from the Convent. On the journey, she rests at her uncle's home at Hortigosa. While she is there, he gives her a copy of Osuna's Third Spiritual Alphabet.
042 teresaavila 1st Apr, 1539 Teresa undergoes treatment For the first time in her life, Teresa undergoes serious treatment for her sicknesses. She leaves the Convent, temporarily, to get medical help. In her autobiography, "The Life of Teresa of Jesus", she explains it as an excruciating experience without the convent in sight.
5  catalepsy 15th Aug, 1539 Teresa is diagnosed with catalepsy Right after months of treatment, Teresa experiences a rare disease of catalepsy. This left her feeling helpless and prone to moments of seizure, forgetfulness and shear loneliness. However, she always felt that Jesus was using her eyes, her hands and feet to do his work.
220px teresa of avila dsc01644 1st Apr, 1540 Teresa returns to Incarnation She returns to the Convent of the Incarnation. However still in the last stages of treatment, while still experiencing the effects of paralysis. Her faith, as recalled in her autobiography, is strong and still recovering.
220px teresa of avila dsc01644 1st Jun, 1542 Effects of paralysis end Relates to "Teresa returnes to Incarnation".
Between father and daughter    by cweeks 24th Dec, 1543 Teresa's father dies At an old age, Teresa’s loving father passes. This affects Teresa, however not to the extant of her mother’s passing.
Teresa avila 1st Jan, 1553 Teresa experiences her second conversion Teresa experiences something better like she had ever experienced before. While reading the "Confessions of St. Augustine", she receives an epiphany.
220px teresa of avila dsc01644 1st Jan, 1554 Paralysis leaves Teresa's body Relates to "Teresa returns to Incarnation".
Teresa avila gerard 1st Jan, 1556 Teresa has her final 'conversion' Teresa’s supernatural nature starts to impact her life. She starts hearing interior voices and also starts seeing visions. These moments in her life come to be her personal.
Santateresa 29th Jun, 1558 Teresa feels Jesus Teresa is at her climax, and she now knows it. She experiences her first rapture and a vision of Christ. She also realises that her life belongs totally to our Lord.
200px convento de san jos%c3%a9 %c3%81vila 1st Jan, 1562 Founds St. Joseph's in Avila Fianlly, in 1562 she reforms the Carmelite Convent in Avila and renames it St. Joseph's. When in the convent, she constructs her own constitutions for the convent, all under the primitive rule of St. Albert. She stays at the convent up until 1567.
Lifetp 1st Jan, 1565 The "Life" conludes and "Perfection" begins Teresa places her auto-biography for a final editing and printing. On the other hand, she starts work on "The Way of Perfection" another book that she is renowed for.
Hhshield 1st Jan, 1567 Teresa get authorisation Teresa gets complete authority from the Carmelite General, to build other convents with her own constitutions from St. Joseph's convent. While not attacking the Reformation physically, she was reforming the Church institutions to counter the Reformations.
Ps tr 1st Jan, 1568 Discalced Carmelite order comes to man The new order of nuns, reaches many including another prominent counter-reforming Catholic saint, St. John of the Cross. So much he is inspired that organises, with Teresa and Fr. Antonio of Jesus, the Discalced Carmelite Friars in Duruelo, Spain.
P10b web 1st Jan, 1573 Began to write the "Foundations" The "Foundations" were written by Teresa as a sort-of sequel to her autobiography, "The Life of Teresa of Jesus". She further explains her extra-order-nary life and her conversions.
Interior castle 1st Jan, 1577 "The Interior Castle" is finished Teresa finally finshes "The Interior Castle" and is later and till now, praised for great example of Christian, mystic and historical literature.
Interior castle 1st Jan, 1580 Teresa revises "The Interior Castle" Relates to '"The Interior Castle" is finshed'.
S carmelite large 1st Jan, 1580 The Carmelite Orders are split The Holy See recognise the differences of the two Carmelite Orders and officially seperate the orders.
P10b web 1st Jan, 1582 Finshes the "Foundations" Relates to 'Began to write the "Foundations"'
Teresa avila gerard 4th Oct, 1582 Death of St. Teresa "My Lord, it is time to move on. Well then, may your will be done. O my Lord, my spouse, the hour that I have longed for has come. It is time to meet each other." What beautiful words, from a beautiful saint. Teresa dies, 3 days after she arrived in Alba de Tormes.
Vatican Teresa of Avila is beatified 32 years after Teresa's passing, she finally recognised to become a saint, by the Catholic Church and Pope Paul V. The Spanish Government also announces her to be the Patroness of Spain. But she knew that!
Vatican Blessed Teresa of Avila is Canonized Exactly 40 years after her death, Pope Gregory XV announces Blessed Teresa to become St. Teresa of Avila. She becomes the saint of headaches, Spain, loss of parents (orphans) and people in need of grace.
Bernini st teresa avila The "Ecstasy of Saint Teresa" A famous Baroque sculptor, Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, produces an impeccable work of art, expressing St. Teresa's encounter, "I saw in his hand a long spear of gold, and at the iron's point there seemed to be a little fire. He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart, and to pierce my very entrails; when he drew it out, he seemed to draw them out also, and to leave me all on fire with a great love of God." extracted from "The Life of Teresa of Jesus".
Vatican St. Teresa gets a special title By Pope Paul VI, St Teresa is named the first female Doctor of the Church, one of the highest honours in the Church. She brings supreme honour to Spain and opens new doors for female doctors of the Church, such as St. Catherine and St. Therese.
St teresaavila St. Teresa, Doctor of the Church Still till today, changing the lives of many, through her impeccable works.
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28th Mar, 1515
4th Oct, 1582
St. Teresa of Ávila's Life The autobiography of the impeccable St. Teresa of Ávila and her immense impact on the Reformation of the Church
28th Mar, 1515
4th Oct, 1582
Controversies of St. Teresa In the life of St. Teresa (not her book) she experienced many false accusations relating to her works and her thoughts. Papal Nuncio considered her to be restless, stubborn, ignorant and disobedient. The Spanish Inquistition even investigated her books and writings, 6-fold, and they concluded that she was a raging heretic.
2nd Nov, 1535
1st Jan, 1562
The Reformation from within When Teresa enrolled in the Carmelite Nuns, she noticed something radical about the convent. She found that it was necessary to change the convent, before she tried to change Spain. During this time, Teresa formed the Discalced Carmelite Nuns. The Holy See, completely seperated the ordinary Carmelite Nuns from the Discalced Carmelite Nuns. With new constitutions, thoughts and writings, the Discalced Carmelite nuns speard throughout Europe and the entire world, countering, the Reformation.
1st Jan, 1553
The Doctor of the Church In this timespan, Teresa spent her time in prayer and reading the scriptures, while deepening her interior life. She also became very involved with the Protestant Reformation. Also during this period she finished books such as: The Life of Teresa of Jesus, The Interior Castle and the Way of Perfertion.
1st Jan, 1562
1st Jan, 1582
Carmelite 'virus' spreads Throughout the 20-year period, the Carmelite nuns and friars would not rest. Absolutely, destroying the grwoth of Protestantism in Spain and the outskirts, aswell. The Discalced Carmelites organise the opening of several new convents throughtout Europe.
1st Jan, 1580
1st Jan, 1582
The final years While Teresa is 65 years young, she initiates 17 foundations of the Discalced Carmelites, her last being in Burgos, Spain. She continues her pilgrimage to Alba de Tormes, while being very ill.

St. Teresa's Afterlife The great Teresa, even when she has passed, still influencing others, through her sainthood, art expressed by her and literature written by her.