Spanish Exploration and Missions in Texas

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Jan 1st, 1519
Pineda Maps the Texas Coast Alonso Alvarez de Pineda is the first explorer to map the Texas coast.
Nov 10th, 1528
Cabeza de Vaca was Shipwrecked Cabeza de Vaca was shipwrecked on the coast of Texas near Galveston.
Jan 1st, 1541
Coronado Passes through the Panhandle Franisco Vasquez de Coronado crosses through part of the Texas panhandle.
Jan 1st, 1581
First Recorded Expidition Passes through the El Paso Area The first recorded expition, or entrada, passes through the El Paso area led by Antonio de Espejo
Onate Onate holds the First Thanksgiving Feast A ceremony of Thanksgiving was held near present-day El Paso by Juan de Onate and the Tigua Indians.
Missionary The First Missionaries Arrive in Texas Two Spainsh missionaries traveled to San Angelo to instruct Jumano Indians about Christianity.
Fray garcia The Spanish Established Two Missions Fray Garcia and Fray Benito established the missions of San Fansisco de la Toma and La Soledad.
Ysleta sm The Fisrt Spanish Missions were Established Spanish and allied Indians, fleeing from an uprising, establish three missoins in the El Paso area, including Corpus Christi de la Ysleta, Nuestra Senora de la Limpia Concepcion del Socorro, and San Antonio de Senesu.
La salle La Salle Arrives in Texas Rene Robert Cavalier Siur de la Salle, looking for the mouth of the Mississippi River, arrives in Texas and establishes Fort Saint Louis. He is later killed by his crew on March 19, 1689
De leon De Leon finds the ruins of Fort Saint Louis Spanish general Alonso de Leon finds the remains of Fort Saint Louis and, fearing French intentions to claim Spanish land, he begins to try and settle, and create missions.
Mission tejas mission front 1 Construction Begins on the First East Texas Mission The first East Texas mission was San Fransisco de las Tejas, near present day HOuston County. The mission closes in 1693.
Nuestra The Spanish Build A Presidio The Spanish built the presidio Nuestra Senora de los Dolores de los Tejas to protect the East Texas Missions.
Alamo San Antonio de Valero is Established The San Antonio de Valero mission, of which the building is known as the Alamo was the chapel, is founded in San Antonio.
San jose San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo mssion The San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo mission in founded near San Antonio de Valero.
San fransisco Three East Texas Missions are Moved Three East Texas missions are moved to San Antonio because of economic troubles. Thier new names are Nuestra Senora de la Purisima Concepcion de Acuna, San Fransisco de la Espada, and San Juan Capistrano.
What Fifty Five Islanders Arrive in San Antonio Fifty Five Canary islanders arrive in San Antonio to establish a civillian settlement.
Election The First Election in Texas is Held In the first election held in Texas, voters choose officials of the municipal government of San Fernando.
Cotton The Missions at San Antonio Produce Cotton The missions at San Antonio are producing several thousand-pounds of cotton anually.
Menardtxmissionsansabajan2010bg10 Santa Cruz de San Saba is destroyed Santa Cruz de San Saba mision is destroyed and eight residents are killed by Comanches and their allies.
Hurricane The First Recorded Texas Hurricane Texas' first recorded hurricane strikes near Galveston.
Antonio gil Settlers Establish a Civillian Community A group if settlers ked by Antonio Gil Y'baro establishes a civillian community near an abandoned mission site; a new town called Nacogdoches.