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Spanish-American War

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Alaska small square United States Purchase of Alaska The United States bought Alaska from Russia.
Mckinley small square McKinley's Presidential Campaign Public Election for President, McKinley defeated William Jennings Bryan.
Inaugurated small square William McKinley Inaugurated President
504px de lo%cc%82me letter   first page small square DeLome Letter was written A letter by DeLome was written regarding the U.S. and the war, and later was published by Hearsts newspapers.
Large maine 1  small square U.S. Declaration of War against Philippines This is when the Spanish-American war officially was declared.
Timeline small square War Ended The war lasted 4 months and ended in August of 1898.
250px john hay signs treaty of paris  1899 small square Signed Treaty of Paris The U.S. Signed the Treaty of Paris and acquired the Philippines for $20 million dollars.
Cartoon small square Interview with President McKinley from 1899 President McKinley was interviewed about the Spanish-American war in 1899 and it is featured in Eric Foner's "Voices of Freedom".
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Timespan of Important Dates of Spanish-American War