Space Program in the 1980's

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In History
  • First flight of the Space Transport System

    The space shuttle Columbia is piloted by John Young and Robert Crippin on mission STS-1, the first mission of the entire program.
  • Challenger is launched

    A new addition is made to the space shuttle fleet.
  • First american woman astronaut in space

    Sally Ride goes up in the Challenger for mission STS-7.
  • First African-American astronaut in space

    Guion S. Bluford travels in the Challenger for mission STS-8.
  • First untethered space walks

    Bruce McCandless and Robert Stewart use jet backpacks on a space wlak on a Challenger flight.
  • First flight of the space shuttle Discovery

    A new addition to NASA's space shuttle fleet.
  • First flight of the space shuttle Atlantis

    Yet another joins the space shuttle fleet.
  • Atlantis deploys a probe

    The space shuttle Atlantis deploys a classified satellite for the Department of Defense.
  • Space shuttle Challenger explodes

    Chalenger went through booster failure and exploded 73 seconds into its ascent killing all on board.
  • First space shuttle launch since Challenger incident

    Discovery is launched and launches a satellite.
  • first U.S. planetary mission in 11 years and first launched from a space shuttle

    The Magellan Venus probe is launched from Discovery.
  • Atlantis launches probe

    Atlantis space shuttle launches the Galileo spacecraft headed for Jupiter.