South Carolina History

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Andrew jackson 9350991 1 402 President born in South Carolina On March 15th, 1767, President Andrew Jackson was born in Waxhaw, SC.
Nunst066 South Carolina flag In 1775, Col. William Moultrie created a a blue flag that included the cresent moon. In 1776 the palmetto tree was added to the flag.
Columbia 1 Columbia becomes the capital Columbia becomes South Carolina's state capital.
Map South Carolina becomes a state South Carolina enters the Union, becoming the 8th state to join.
Flag map of south carolina Charleston passes the Ordinance of Secession Charleston is the first state to accept the Ordinance of Sucession. South Carolina is the first to seceed from the Union
Sumter First shots fired of the Civil War The first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter in Charleston.
14849929 kids singing "Carolina" becomes South Carolina's state song Based off the poem by Henry Timrod, "Carolina" becomes the official state song for South Carolina
Sc state flower yellow jessamine State Flower adopted The Yellow Jasmine was made South Carolina's staet flower.
Cabbage palm tree5 Cabbage Palmetto becomes state tree The Cabbage Palmetto becomes the state tree in 1939.
Carolina wren1 State bird is announced; Carolina Wren In 1948, South Carolina's state bird is the Carolina Wren. The Carolina Wren replaces the old state bird, the mockingbird.
Civil rights Civil Rights Act passed; the end of segregation The Civil Rights Act is passed in South Carolina. This is the leading cause to the end of segregation.
White tailed deer fawn South Carolina's state animal is adopted; White-Tailed Deer The White-Tailed Deer becomes the state animal for South Carolina.