Significant events in WW1

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Franz%20ferdinand Franz Ferdinand Assassination The assassination of Franz Ferdinand started the great war. Franz Ferdinand was in heir to the austro-hungarian empire. On the 28th of June he decided to visit Sarajevo to check on some troops but was assassinated by a Serbian terroist group called the black hand made up of seven people.
Kaiser%20willhelm Germany Step In! Kaiser Willhelm prmosise Austria the Germanu will give them their unconditional support. This promise is also reffered to as the blank check assurance
Austrian%20flag Austria Declare War On Serbia Austria declare war on Serbia!. This is because the Austrian government belive that Serbia are responsible for the death of Franz Ferdinand,
Timeline Germany Declare War On Russia Germany declare war on Russia. Threats from Russia have caused Germany to take action.
British%20flag Britain Declare War On Germany Britain declared war against Germany in response to Germany invading Belgium on the 1st August !914.
Ypres First Battle of Ypres The battle of Ypres is a very historic battle in WW1. It took place in a small town in Western Belgium called Ypres. BOth the German and western allied forces tried to secure this town.
Gallipoli The ANZAC'S Appear Australian and New Zealand troops showed up for the first time int he war with limited training. Unfortunately mistakes made by wiston chucrhill caused the ANZAC troops to land in the wrong spot and get shot at by Turkish troops
Italy flag1 Italy Declare War On Germany and Austria Italy was originally nuetral in WW1 but they considered there options and decided to join the allied forces and on the 23rd of may 1915 they declared war and against Germany and Austria
Warsaw Warsaw Is Captured By The Germans The Germans succeed in capturing Warsaw from the Russians
Gallipoli%202 The Allies Evaculate Gallipoli After several months of conflict in Gallipoli the allies decide to retreat
Verdun The Battle of Verdun This date signifies the start of the battle of Verdun. This was a battle between the German and French armies.
Somme The Battle Of Somme Starts The battle of somme is knowkn as one of the largest battles in WW1. This battle saw the British and French armies take on the German army. This horrific battle saw more than 1 million casualties
Usa%20flag USA Declare War On Germany This is the first appearence of USA in WW1 as they join the allies and declare war on Germany
Caportto Battle of Caporetto During the battle of Caporetto the Austro-Hungarian forces backed up by the Germans were able to break the Italian front
Western%20front Major offensive launched against the Western front by Britain Britain continue to launch major offences on the Western Front
Turkish%20flag Turkey Stops Turkey stop fighting ending there part int he war
Timeline Austria Stop Austria stop fighting ending there part in the war
Timeline Kaiser Wilhelm Abdicated
Peace The End This date signifies the end of World War 1.