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Sigmund Freud's 10 greatest accomplishments

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Pribor   birthplace of sigmund freud Sigmund Freud is born This was the day that Sigmund Freud was born in nowaday Pribor, Czech-republic.
Scott World Event: Dredd Scott decision The supreme court rules that a slave is not a person
Lincoln World event: Civil war ends, Lincoln is shot The civil war ends, Abraham Lincoln is shot and killed.
Telephone World event: Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone Alexander Graham Bell invents the worlds first telephone
Lightbulb World event: Thomas A. Edison invents lightbulb Thomas A. Edison invents a practical electrical light, the lightbulb.
Sigmund 1 Sigmund graduates from the university of vienna Sigmund Freud graduates from the University of Vienna and goes on to become a famous psycho-analyst.
The thing for my project Sigmund Freud Starts his career in the vienna general hospital Sigmund begins his work at the vienna general hospital. This is the beginning of his career in psycho-analysis.
Anna freud Anna Freud is born Sigmund's daughter,Anna Freud, is born.She will go on to be a very succesful psycho-analyst like her father.
Sigmund project Sigmund begins his salf analysis Sigmund Freud begins to analyze his childhood. The fact that he did this was critical to his view on his analysis of childhood minds. his discoveries in his own childhood helped him to understand the human better
Empty book Sigmund publishes his first book Sigmund published his first book, this paved the way for all his future publications.
Sigmund the publication of Studies on Hysteria The book, Studies on Hysteria, by Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer, is about how psychoanalysis can be used to treat many psychological issues.
Sigmund 3 Sigmund publishes his book the interpretation of dreams This book was revolutionary in the field of psycho-analysis. This book, as the title suggests,was about interpreting dreams. this was sigmund freuds most important written work.
Airplane World event: The wright brothers fly the first airplane The wright brothers build and fly the worlds first airplane.
Timeline Sigmund begins the Veinna Psycho-analytical society Sigmund Freud begins the vienna psycho-analytical society. This eventually caused the rise of psycho-analysis in Europe and in many counties, including the United States of America.
Map austria Sigmund dies Sigmund Freud dies in London, England after the annexation of Austria by Germany.
Penicillin World event: Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.
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Sigmund Freud's life