Shaquille O'Neal's NBA Career.

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Shaq baby pic The Birth of Shaguille O'Neal On March 6th 1972 Shaquille Rashaun O'neal was born. Shaq's middle name actually means "Little Warrior" in arabic. His parents were Lucille and Phill Harrison. When he was born he was 7pounds 11 ounces. He was the oldest child of four. Shaquille's younger siblings are Lateefah, Ayesha and Jamal.
Baggy jeans The bad side of Shaq. When Shaq was in public school he was a bully because he was so big. If someone would make fun of him he would just beat them up and he got made fun of a lot because of his finacial situation at home. Because he was living on welfare he had to wear the same pair of jeans for a week straight and he got made fun of for doing that, so instead of telling on them he would just beat them up to teach them a lesson.
Tumblr lm4mrpwvh21qgwh0lo1 400 Shaquille O'Neal as a Kid. When Shaquille was a kid he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. He was getting involved with gangs because he was so big. He was 6 foot 4 when he was 11. When Shaq was he was physcally abused by his father.
628x471 Shaq's Public School Basketball team. The most successful basketball team that shaq has ever been on was the basketball team he was on when he was in public school their record was 68-1 for Shaq's senior year. This team was so successful becase oh his size.
Shaquille oneal graduation Shaquille O'Neal's University Career. Shaq went to the University of Louisiana from 1989 - 1992. He was on the basketball team and won the Adam Rudoulph award as the NCAA's mens basketball player of the year in 1991. And was also a 2 time All-American, 2 time SEC player of the year. He was also the NCAA player of the year. Graduated in 1992 to go to tthe NBA.
Shaquille oneal david stern medium Shaquille O'neal is in the NBA At the very young age of 20 years old he was in the NBA on June 24th 1992, Shaquille O'Neal was the first overall draft pick of the 1992 NBA draft. He was drafted to the Orlando Magic. He then played on that team until 1996.
Shaq magic orlando Shaquille O'Neal has a Record Breaking Draft. June 24 1992 was the day he was drafted to the Orlando Magic with a record breaking salary of 41 million dollars. He signed that contract for a four year deal and made approximately $10,250,000 a year when he was playing with the magic.
Shaqpenny The Feud of Orlando Magic. When Shaq first started playing on the Magic the point guard at the time was named Penny Hardaway a basketball superstar. When Penny and Shaq started playing with eachother they both didn't like eachother. They would always get into arguments about the plays, how the team should work, the way the team was coached. But as time went on their relationship got better and they finally started getting along.
Shaqdiesel1 Shaquille O'Neal's Music Career On October 26th 1993 Shaq released his first rap album called Shaq Diesel. And realeased 3 other albums the following years (Shaq Fu Da Return, You can't stop the Reign, and Respect). Two of which were on the top ten R&B/Hip Hop album list. One of those albums went gold and another went platinum.
Tumblr m43febmqfn1ruj0bpo1 1280 Shaq Wins Rookie of theYear Shaq was awarded the rookie of the year trophy when he was playing with the Magic in 1993. Being the 1st pick overall he was expected to do big things for the team and by winning rookie of the year he sure showed Matt Guokas, with his average of 24 points a game and 14 rebounds per game he showed not only his head coach but the entire NBA that he could.
Shaq lakers Shaquille O'Neal goes to the LA Lakers On July eighth Shaquille O'Neal signed a 121 million dollar contract with the Las Angeles Lakers he made a total of $152,000,000 when he was with the Lakers. He was on a 8 year contract. In that time he won 4 NBA titles. The way he put how much money he made he said that he won the lottery 3 times in a row.
497359 display image "Hack a Shaq" Shaq was so very dominant in the paint that the people he played against created an entierly new defense just to guard him, it was called "Hack a Shaq". They did this because they knew he would score less points if they sent him to the free throw line to shoot foul shots because his free throw percentage was only 53 percent.
Lakers crop 650x440 Riot in Las Angeles. After the lakers won the NBA title in 2000 the fans of the opposing team were infuriated that there team had lost the finals. Resulting from the riot two Las Angeles police cars were put out of commission so Shaq replaced those two police cars out of his own good will because it was partly his fault that the riot started.
Shaq 2 Shaqs MVP season. Shaq won MVP in 2000 with the help from Kobe Bryant. Shaq won MVP because he worked for it, every game he played he played his heart out and did everything in his power to be the best player playing the in that game.
Dm 110603 nba shaq presser Shaq Retires.... After a hard 19 years in the NBA, Shaquille finally retires.
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Shaquille O'Neal's Life before the NBA and during the NBA.