Samuel De Champlain's Life

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Jun 1st, 1567
Champlain is born on the coast of France in Brouage, France Samuel De Champlain was born in Brouage, France on the coast. His father was a sea captain and so Champlain would grow up to be a sea captain like his father.
Images Champlain went to North America to explor the land. Champlain was sent on a trading ship to New france by King Henery IV to explor and map the new land.
Lachine%20rapids Champlain travels to the La Chine Rapids Champlain teaveled up the Saguenay river to where he thought Hudson Bay was. He then traveld up the St. Lawrence River to the La Chine Rapds where he realized that he would not be abel to cross them with out help from the Aborigionals.
St%20croix%20island Champlain tries to make a settlement at St. Croix. The first settlement built by Champlain and his men was on an unsuitable island called St. Croix. there was no fresh water and poor soil for agriculture. The settlement was abandon by Champlain and hes men.
Port royal entree Champlain built Port Royal. Champlain and his men built the first sucessful European settlement in North America.
Port royal entree Champlain makes a new settlement at Port Royal Champlain built the first sucessful settlement in North America by the Bay of Fundy.
Quebec%20city Champlain established Quebec City. Champlain established Quebec City.He made alliances with the algonquin Huron and Montagnais tribes for control of the fur trade.
Battle%20against%20the%20mohawk The battle against the Mohawk Iroquois. Champlain left Quebec to help his Algonquin alllias in battle against the Mohawk Iroquois. He killed the theree tribe leaders and was hated by all the Iroquis for 100 years later.
Settlement Champlain establishesda colony in Montroyal champlain establishesda colony in Montroyal
Ottawa%20river Champlain finds a good trading rout Champlain sailed along the Ottawa River looking for the Northwest Passage. the Ottawa River will be the main french trading rout for the next 200 years
Forest champlaign was injured Champlaign was injured in the knee after attacking an iroquios village
Governer Champlaign is appointed Governor of New France Champlain rreturned to Quebec where he is announced governor of New France. He continues working in this capacity for the rest of his life.
Cross champlain Champlain died in Quebec. Champlain died in Quebec.
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Jul 9th, 1567

Champlain's life