Salem Witchcraft Trials

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  • First accusation

    First accusation
    Abigail Williams and Elizabeth "Betty" Parris accuse Tituba, the Parris' Caribbean slave, of witchcraft.
  • First arrests

    First arrests
    Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne are arrested for witchcraft
  • More girls are afflicted

    More girls are afflicted
    Ann Putnam, Mercy Lewis, Mary Walcott & Mary Warren all become "afflicted".
  • First Man Accused

    First Man Accused
    John Proctor is accused of witchcraft, the only man hanged for the crime.
  • Giles Corey pressed to death

    Giles Corey pressed to death
    Giles Corey, who refused to testify against his wife is pressed to death. He was put into a hole and had heavy boulders placed upon his chest, slowly collapsing his rib cage. He took three days to die, and his last words are reported as "More weight!"
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    Witchcraft Trials