Renaissance Inventions

Timeline created by Ashlyn Wilson
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Jan 1st, 0850
Gunpowder In 850 gunpowder was invented and the inventor isn’t known. It was created in China specifically for fireworks and weaponry.
Jan 1st, 1000
Eyeglasses The inventor is not known but eye glasses were most likely invented in Italy. Most of the time only wealthy people got to wear eye glasses.
Jan 1st, 1300
Clocks The clock was invented by Galileo in the 1300s. This way people could tell what time it is within the 24 hours.
Jan 1st, 1371
Compass Inventor is Zheng He of China. He used it for when he sailed in the sea. Eventually the compass was passed over to the Europeans.
Jan 1st, 1436
The Printing Press The Printing Press was invented by a German man with the name Johannes Gutenburg. This is a more important invention because without it we wouldn’t have books
Jan 1st, 1500
Lenses Around the late 1500s the microscope was created. Galileo was the main contributor to the inventions of the lenses. This was invented so we could see thing better and closer.
Jan 1st, 1578
Submarine Leonardo da Vinci is the inventor of the submarine or the idea of it. This is a vehicle that moves underwater and is used for war and scientific discovery.
Flushing%20toilet Flushing toilet The inventor of this is Sir John Harrington so when you used the bathroom you wouldn’t see that waste every again.
Matches Matches The inventor of the compass is Robert Boyle in 1680. They weren’t really used much then because they were considered too dangerous.
Wallpaper Wallpaper This was invented in England. It was mainly for rich people with big, fancy houses for decoration.