Putin Presidential Election Aftermath

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  • Russia Elections: Candidate to continue hunger strike

    Russian candidate Oleg Shein, who ran for mayor, has continued his hunger strike as opposition to Putin's United Russia Party. He had watched video footage of the rigging of the ballots, however this will not be entertained in court. His opposing candidate, who is backed by Putin's United Russia Party, won by an overwhelming amount. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-17739944
  • 'Pussy Riot' Sparked Against Putin

    BBC Article
    Three woman started singing an obscence song in protest to Putin in a Russian Orthodox Church. They were arrested, an act sparking protest from Russia's Helsinki Group.
  • Sino-Russian Ties Strengthened

    China and Russia appear to be strengthening their relationship after a joint naval parade and a series of visits.
  • Putin Sworn in as President

    Putin was sworn in as president for the third time. If he serves his full 6-year term, he will be the longest ruling Russian president after Stalin.In a short speech he said Russia was "entering a new phase of national development".
    He has further expressed hope that Medvedev will once again serve as his prime minister.
  • Silent Protests Go On

    Protesters against Putin's inauguration as president continue a second day of silent protest, They are silent because they know if they speak they will be arrested, and people know what they are protesting for anyways.
  • Putin warning Moscow Parade to mark victory in WWII

    Putin warning Moscow Parade to mark victory in WWII
    Putin told the annual WWII memorial parade in Red Square that Russia will continue to stand up for itself.
    The parade included missiles and 14,000 personnel.
  • Putin will not attend G8 Summit

    Putin will not be attending the G8 summit in the US later this month, as he is still finalising his cabinet. He will send prime minister Dmirty Medvedev in his place.
    He will instead attend the G20 summit in Mexico in June.
  • Government full of old faces

    A lot of Putin's government has old faces, further strengthening his government. He has also promoted his most important allies.
  • Medvedev Appointed New Leader of United Russia

    Medvedev has been appointed the leader of the United Russia party. He had been nominated for the position by long-time ally President Putin back in April.