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Post-Classical Civilizations Timeline

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Timeline small square 15th Feb, 1054 Schism between churches Relations became so strained that the pope and patriarch mutually excommunicated each other
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1st Jan, 0500
31st Dec, 1500
Post Classical era
1st Jan, 0527
1st Jan, 0565
Reign of Justinian He remade the city of Constantinople, erecting Hagia Sophia, he was responsible for the codification of Roman law.
1st Jan, 0589
1st Jan, 0618
Sui Dynasty Elaborate project of the Grand Canal was completed, facilitated trade between Northen and Southern China. Due to forced labor, rebellions broke out
1st Jan, 0606
1st Jan, 0648
Reign of Harsha King Harsha temporarily restored unified rule in most of northern India after the collapse of the Gupta dynasty. Collapsed due to secure local governments
1st Jan, 0618
1st Jan, 0907
Tang Dynasty Equal field system was made to ensure and equal distribution of land and to avoid the concentration of landed property that had caused social problems during the Han dynasty. Relied on the Bureaucracy of Merit. Focused on Military Expansion
1st Jan, 0750
1st Jan, 1258
Abbasid Dynasty It overthrew the Umayyad caliphs. It was built by the descendant of Muhammad's youngest uncle. It kept up for two centuries. Abbasid rule was ended in 1258, when Hulagu Khan, the Mongol conqueror, sacked Baghdad.
1st Jan, 0751
1st Jan, 0843
Carolingian kingdom The Carolingians displaced Clovis's successors in Western Europe. Carolingians are named after their founder, Charles Martel.
1st Jan, 0960
1st Jan, 1279
Song Dynasty Never built a very powerful state.Song Dynasty had problems: Song bureaucracy devoured China's surplus produciton, they had very small military. During the Tang and Song, fast-ripening rice developed
1st Jan, 1000
1st Jan, 1400
Swahili city states Trade brought tremendous wealth to coastal east Africa. Cities were islamic, traded and taxed. Concentrated in several coastal and island port cities.
1st Jan, 1206
1st Jan, 1526
Sultanate of Delhi 1206-1526 The successors of Mahmud of Ganzi placed northern India under Islamic control, capital in Dehli, pwerful army
1st Jan, 1206
1st Jan, 1227
Reign of Chinggis Khan Named Temujin, strong Mongol clan leader, became named Chinggis Khan. Strengthened Mongols, died 1227
1st Jan, 1300
Kingdom of Kongo Population pressure and military challenges forced kin based society in the Congo region to form small states. Had central government, traded lots
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