Ponce de leon

Ponce de Leon

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline 1st Jan, 1447 nacer
Ponce de leon 25th Sep, 1493 vela dos viaje con Columbus Unir Columbus en navegacion a nuevo mundo.
Ponce de leon 25th Nov, 1493 La bota alcance la Caribbean Terrateniente en muchos isla
Timeline 25th Oct, 1504 Ordenado aplastar de rebellion. He was then awarded with land grant, and indian labor to help him on his farm.
Ponce de leon 25th Oct, 1508 Involved greatly with the Higuey massacre After staring a new town. He gained the trust to lead the massacre.
Timeline 25th Feb, 1512 Ponce de Leon estuve dando explorar. As a gift for his services to Ferdinand
Ponce de leon 2nd Apr, 1513 Final crossing of open water THen sighted land, believing it was another island.
Ponce de leon 14th May, 1513 Continued down along the Florida Keys Looking for a passageheaded to the north, to explore along the west side of Florida.
Ponce de leon 25th Oct, 1513 Arrived in St. Augustine Where they landed exsactly
Timeline 25th Oct, 1513 Calling th 'island' La Florida
Timeline 20th Feb, 1514 Ponce de Leon arrives home Safetly
Timeline 25th Apr, 1514 Kighted Arrived home after the dissapointment of the Fountain of Youth to then be knighted for all his hard work. and beliefs.
Ponce de leon 25th Jul, 1521 Death After taking another journey to explor and discover more land. He died by an arrow poisened with sap that was shot into his leg.
Ponce de leon 25th Oct, 1551 Fountain of Youth Goes back to Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth
Ponce de leon A bronze statue of Ponce de Leon was placed