Phil Knight's Life

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  • Birth

    Phil Knights was born in Portland, Oregon.
  • Earned a Degree

    Earned a Degree
    He earned a jouralism degree.
  • Graduated Univerity of Oregon.

    Graduated Univerity of Oregon.
    He graduated from the University of Oregon in 1959 with a degree in business
  • Start of Nike

    Start of Nike
    Nike First started.
  • Graduated

    He graduated Standford Graduate.
  • Nike in Public

    Nike in Public
    Knight was ready to take Nike public.
  • Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan
    In 1984, the signing of NBA rookie Michael Jordan took the brand to a new level. The success of Jordan was part of a larger brand strategy: to align with the best athletes in the world.
  • Pledged to Impose for Factories of Nike

    Pledged to Impose for Factories of Nike
    He pledged to impose more stringent standards for the factories that Nike engages to manufacture its goods.
  • Sports Hall of Fame

    Sports Hall of Fame
    He was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of FAme for his Special Contribution to Sports in Oregon.
  • Phil Knight, Executive Officer

    Phil Knight, Executive Officer
    Phil Knight resigned as the company's chief executive officer.
  • Donation

    He gave the largest donation in history at the time of Standord's business school.
  • Donated To University of Oregon

    Donated To University of Oregon
    Knight and his wife, Penny announced to donated $100 million to the University of Oregon Athletics Legacy Fund.
  • Swoosh Logo Created

    Swoosh Logo Created
    The Nike Swoosh Logo was created by Caroline Davidson.