personal timeline

Timeline created by jaeden.18
  • born

  • first time walking

  • first time riding bike

    first time riding bike
  • activities

    playing basketball
  • second grade

    second grade
    salk elementary school
  • third grade

    third grade
    legacy charter school
  • 4th grade

    4th grade
    oak tree elementary school
  • 5th grade

    5th grade
    playa del ray
  • vacation

    venice beach and disney land in california
  • vactions

    went to boston for patriots game
  • 6th grade

    6th grade
    houston elementary
  • junior high

    junior high
    mesquite jr high
  • jobs

    helped my grandpa with snow plows during winter and roofs during summer
  • high school

    high school
    mesquite high school