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Attractions%20reverehou Paul Revere is born Paul Revere is born on January 1, 1734 in Boston, Massachusetts.
School Paul goes to North Writing School Paul Revere, at age six, attends North Writing School on Love Lane. There is no official date when he went to this school.
Silver large 3 Paul is apprenticed to his father as a silversmith Paul, at age twelve, is apprenticed to his father as a silversmith. He did a fine job in making things out of silver. He made spoons, pitchers, and bowls, including other things.
800px colognecathedralbell02 Paul forms a bell ringers society Paul earns extra money as a bell ringer at Christ Church, now known as the Old North Church, along with a few friends.
Casket550pix Paul's father dies Paul's father dies on July 22, and Paul, at nineteen, becomes the family breadwinner. Paul's mother took over her late husband's buisness.
Fiw1 Paul is commissioned a second lieutenant in the British Army Paul, age twenty-one, is commissioned a second lieutenant in the British Army and joins an expedition to fight the French in upstate New York in the French and Indian War.
Timeline Paul marries Sara Orne On returning to Boston, Paul, now twenty-two, marries Sara Orne. They lived with Paul's mother in the Revere household near Clark's Wharf.
Timeline Paul joins the St. Anderew's Masonic Lodge Paul joins the St. Anderew's Masonic Lodge, where he begins a lifelong freindship with Joseph Warren.
Imagesca9ja0mw Paul joins the Long Room Club Paul becomes a member of the Long Room Club, a discussion group that includes the city's leading thinkers, including Samuel Adams and John Hancock.
Timeline Sara Orne Revere dies Sara dies after giving birth to their eighth child.
Timeline Paul marries Rachel Walker Paul marries Rachel Walker after Paul's first wife dies.
Timeline Paul Revere's Ride At age fourty, Paul makes his famous midnight ride to alert the countryside of a planned British march to Lexington and Concord.
3442024870 80d719f086 Paul Revere passes away Paul Revere dies at age eighty-three. He is buried in Boston's Granary Burying Ground.