Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Ht 61 85 Women in Green Pastel on tan paper board
Ht 50 188 The Blind Man's Meal Oil on canvas
Ht 1992 391 At the Lapin Agile, Oil on canvas
Ht 47 106 Gertrude Stein Oil on canvas
Ht 1996 403 5 Bust of a Man Oil on canvas
Ht 1996 403 6 Head of a Woman Bronze
Ht 1997 149 7 Woman in an Armchair Oil on canvas
Ht 49 70 34 Standing Female Nude Charcoal on paper
Ht 1999 363 63 Still Life with a Bottle of Rum Oil on canvas
Ht 1999 363 64 Man with a Hat and a Violin Cut and pasted newspaper, and charcoal, on two joined sheets of paper
Ht 49 70 33 Bottle and Wine Glass on a Table Charcoal, ink, cut and pasted newspaper, and graphite on paper
Ht 53 140 4 Woman in White Oil, water-based paint, and crayon on canvas
Ht 1996 403 4 Nude Standing by the Sea Oil on canvas
Ht 1996 403 1 Reading at a Table Oil on canvas
Ht 1986 1224 1%5b2%5d Dream and Lie of Franco Etching and aquatint
Ht 1970 305 Faun with Stars Oil on canvas
Ht 1990 192 Head of a Woman Oil on canvas
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Timeline of Art Works