Oscar Wilde

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In History
  • Oscar Wilde is Born

    Oscar Wilde is born to the wealthy William Wilde and his wife Jane Fransesca Wilde.
  • Oscar Enters Portora Royal School

    The multi-talented Wilde enters into Portora Royal School and excels, receiving First Place in classics and Second Place in drawing.
  • Oscar Enters Trinity College

    Wilde enrolls in Trinity College and receives many scholarships and awards for his work.
  • Oscar in Magdalen College

    At Magdalen College, Wilde is mentored by Walter Pater who introduces him to the aesthetic movement.
  • Death of His Father

    William WIlde, who is the father of Oscar Wilde, dies.
  • Oscar Begins His Real Work

    Wilde moves to London to begin his work as a writer.
  • The Lecture Tour

    Wilde begins a long series of very successful tours in the Unites States.
  • The Marriage and Unsuccessful Play

    Oscar Wilde married and begins to write a play called "The Duchess of Padua".
  • Wilde Begins Working for a Magazine

    Wilde begins working as an editor for a popular magazine, he enjoys the job and keeps his position for two years.
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray

    Wilde publishes the Picture of Dorian Gray but only succeds in raising controversy about the book's morality.
  • Partial Success in Theatre

    Soon after finally becoming popular in the theatre industry, Wilde is arrested and imprisoned for homosexual activities.
  • The Death of Oscar Wilde

    Soon after converting to Roman Catholicism, Oscar Wilde died of cerebral meningitis.