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Oscar Wilde

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Timeline Oscar Wilde is Born Oscar Wilde is born to the wealthy William Wilde and his wife Jane Fransesca Wilde.
Timeline Oscar Enters Portora Royal School The multi-talented Wilde enters into Portora Royal School and excels, receiving First Place in classics and Second Place in drawing.
Timeline Oscar Enters Trinity College Wilde enrolls in Trinity College and receives many scholarships and awards for his work.
Timeline Oscar in Magdalen College At Magdalen College, Wilde is mentored by Walter Pater who introduces him to the aesthetic movement.
Timeline Death of His Father William WIlde, who is the father of Oscar Wilde, dies.
Timeline Oscar Begins His Real Work Wilde moves to London to begin his work as a writer.
Timeline The Lecture Tour Wilde begins a long series of very successful tours in the Unites States.
Timeline The Marriage and Unsuccessful Play Oscar Wilde married and begins to write a play called "The Duchess of Padua".
Timeline Wilde Begins Working for a Magazine Wilde begins working as an editor for a popular magazine, he enjoys the job and keeps his position for two years.
Timeline The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde publishes the Picture of Dorian Gray but only succeds in raising controversy about the book's morality.
Timeline Partial Success in Theatre Soon after finally becoming popular in the theatre industry, Wilde is arrested and imprisoned for homosexual activities.
Timeline The Death of Oscar Wilde Soon after converting to Roman Catholicism, Oscar Wilde died of cerebral meningitis.