Old Yeller by Fred Gipson 158 fiction

Timeline created by Emma_Collins
  • 1-18

    IN this time it talks about the place in Texas he lives and about his family and the new dog he got.
  • 18-26

    He is teaching his little brother how to hunt. Hes not tha great but he can catch small game. At thge end of the chapter a bull fight breaks out in there yard.
  • 29-42

    The bull fight destroys theere front yard. They almost break into the house but the dont. OLd yeller doesnt help and he just gets scared and runs away.
  • 42-54

    Little Allies starts to clect small animals. But then he gets a bear cub and then the mom comes. It was charging at him but then old yeller came and fought him off and save Allies.
  • 54-61

    The author is explaining to us about all the other people around them. It talks about there neibors and there realtionship with them.
  • 61-83 pages

    Its getting more into there realtionship with old yeller. He is starting to like him more and spend more time with him and realizes hes not worthless,
  • 83-87

    He is starting to grow up and start to feel like hes becoming the man of he house. He feels like he is starting to be able to fill the shoes of his father.
  • 87-97

    He gets a job and he is realizing he has to take care of his family and be the man of the house now that his father is gone.
  • 97-111

    There is a lot of hogs stuck in a hole and he starts to lift some of them out and take them.
  • 111-136

    Another bull attacks and they have to kill it. Its reall tramatic to everyone,
  • 136-158

    In these chapters a wolf attacks the family and old yeller jumps in the way and starts fighting it. He was putting up a good fight but then the wolf got control of old yeller. He killed him. the family was devistated,