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Nick B. Benjamin franklin

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Imagesca40pd9f small square When Benjamin Franklin Was Born Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1708. He was born into a poor family.
Imagesca39jhk9 small square Ben Franklin Was Poor Ben was born into a very poor family. His dad had a job that didn't pay well.
Imagescaq7mn8z small square Elected The Official Printer For Pennsylvania Benjamin was elected the official printer for Pennsylva. He was always wanting to write news papers.
Timeline small square Deborah Rogers Deborah and Ben got married. They also had children.
Imagescapql6eb small square Ben Was An Inventor Ben invented things. Some things are the bifocals, the lightning rod,franklin stove , swim fins and many more inventions.
Timeline small square The Boston Massacre Five civilian men were killed. They were killed by soldiers.
Timeline small square American Revolution The american revolution was going pon while Ben was alive. He was part of the continential congress who declared independence on Britain.
Timeline small square John Adams Ben served on a comittee with Jonh adams.They were pretty good friends.
Timeline small square Ben Signed The Declaration Of Independence Ben Signed the declaration of independence. He also help write it,
Timeline small square Ben Was The Ambassador Of France. Ben was the first american ambassador of France. He was admired in France.
Timeline small square Dr.Edward Edward was one of Ben's bestfriend. Edward was also a spy.
Imagescaxd23zs small square When Benjamin Franklin Died Benjamin Franklin died on April 17, 1790. Many people attended his funeral.