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Noi flag 2.svg Nation of Islam founded by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad Founded my Wallace D. Fard Muhammad. He was a minister. He was born on Feb. 26 1893. No one knows when he died because he disapeared.
Mlk Beliefs of Islam Earth was over 7 trillion years old. Pangea was actually called Asia. Slavery was initially started to deprive them of their history and culture. Separation was the best way to succeed. Believe that Black people were the first humans on earth and that everyone else came from them.
Asdf The meeting Robert Poole met Fard while he was preaching the new form of Islam. Poole later converted to Islam and adopted Fards teachings. Poole was given his new name "Elijah Muhammad"
Fard Fard dissapears Wallace D Fard dissapears. the exact date of his dissapearance is unknow nor is the date of his death.
Elija Elijah Muhammad takes power
Elija Elijah goes to jail He was was charged and convicted of violating the Selective Service Act and was sent to jail. No actual date but the year was 1942.
Elija Elijah Muhammad is released Again no actual date just the year.
Images Malcom "Little" X converts No actual date. Year 1946- 1952, he was in jail for stealing. He converted to Islam while in prison and became a great leader.
Images Malcolm X rises to power Malcom X becomes a member of the nation of Islam and quickly rose to become one of its leaders. For a dozen years he was the public face of the controversial group.
Images Malcolm X gets kicked out! Malcolm X was forcibly removed and excommunicated from the Nation and, in the next month, founded Muslim Mosque Inc., stating, "I never left the Nation of Islam of my own free will. It was they who conspired with Captain Joseph here in New York to pressure me out of the Nation."
Download %281%29 Message to the Black Man Exact publishing date unknow. Elijah Muhammad released this book in 1965. This book talks about race, the religion itself, politics, economics and social issues and how they all relate to African Americans.
Download How to Eat to Live A two part series also published by Elijah (exact date unknown). Its only purpose was to explain healthy eating habbits and explain a black Muslims perscribed diet.
Warith Elijah Muhammad Dies and son takes Over The Son Warith Deen Mohammed changed the name of the organization.
Download %282%29 Farrakhan helps lead the Million Man March Farrakhan’s National Assistant Khalid Abdul Muhammed attended the 1995 PAIC meeting. Muhammed found a translator to convey his greetings.
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Wallace D Fard Nation of Islam founded my Wallace D. Fard Muhammad. He was a minister. He was born on Feb. 26 1893. No one knows when he died because he disapeared. He disapeared after disputes with local authority. He left for Chicago and disappeared without trace. Rumors were spread that the police had killed him. There is some evidence that he lived till the late 1960's.