NASFT 60th Anniversary Timeline - The 1950s

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500x400 Initial Meeting <i>Telefood</i>, a food gift, wine and spirits publication, reports on a meeting of Eastern manufacturers, distributors and retailers at the Mingfair House in New York City where the creation of an association of the fancy food trade was discussed. The tentative name was the National Fancy Food Specialties Association for the Manufacturing, Distributing and Retail Trade. <i>Telefood’s</i> Ron Schmitz was selected to collect opinion from the industry as to whether it would support such a group.
50s 6extension NASFT Begins Soliciting Membership A house ad in the July issue of <i>Telefood</i> soliciting membership in the newly formed National Association for the Specialty Food Trade.
50s 7extension First Membership Meeting of the NASFT A letter announcing the first membership meeting of the NASFT, to be held February 20, at 4 p.m. at 22 E. 67th Street, New York City. It was signed by Stephen Leeman, president, and Ronald Schmitz, secretary.
50s 8extension Forums Held to Advance Specialty Food Sales By January 1953, the association held forums on the third Wednesday of every month at its headquarters at Mingfair House in New York City. Members of the trade as well as representatives of the press attended to discuss how to advance specialty food sales. At one meeting, Hildegarde Popper, food editor for <i>House & Garden</i>, claimed that there would be greater use of specialty foods if housewives knew more about them.
50s 9extension First NASFT-Coordinated Convention The first NASFT coordinated show was the 1953 NARGUS (National Association of Retail Grocers) convention in Chicago where a “fine food department” was set up of products from member manufacturers, packers and importers. Costs were underwritten by <i>Telefood</i>.
50s 11c Products of the Day Fancy food products of the day included cream peppermints from the Maillard Corporation.
50s 12c Advertisement for Bigelow's Specialty Tea Advertisement for Bigelow’s Constant Comment Tea, still a popular variety today.
50s 13extension NASFT Sponsors Exhibits at Gift Show in NYC Following its success at the NARGUS show the NASFT sponsored exhibits at the International Gift and Fancy Food Show at the Hotel Astor in New York City. Participants included The Ming Tea Corporation and Moore & Co. Soups, Inc. It was deemed so successful that the association began to consider a similar event.
Timeline Plans for the First NASFT Fancy Food Show A group of specialty food importers and distributors gather at Papas restaurant on 14th Street in Manhattan to discuss plans for the first NASFT Fancy Food Show.
50s 15extension First Annual National Fancy Food and Confection Show The first annual National Fancy Food and Confection Show was held August 28-30, at the Hotel Astor in New York City. Eighty-two exhibitors were on hand, including Amora mustards from Arnold Food Products; Edouard Artzner foie gras from Atalanta Trading Corp.; and Bon Vivant Soups. Panel session topics included gift basket packing and window displays were set up to demonstrate how fine food should be presented.
50s 17extension Ribbon Cutting at Inaugural Show Ribbon cutting at the inaugural Fancy Food Show.
50s 18extension The Holland Pavilion at Inaugural Show The Holland pavilion showcased more than 200 imported products.
50s 19extension Companies Show Off Their Products A representative at the Ming Tea booth shows off the company’s product line.
50s 20c Gala Foods Displays Product Line Gala Foods displays its line of jams, condiments and quinine water.
50s 21b Imported Products at Fancy Food Show Liberty Import company exhibited Dulfrance soup mixes imported from France.
Nasftfirst logo The Original NASFT Logo NASFT logo circa 1958.
Timeline NASFT Office Opens An administrative office of the NASFT is formed and Edward Sanjous is named executive director.