My Life Time Line

Timeline created by Sabfat1
  • Birth

    Hamad Hospital; 1st born child
  • Elementary School

    Elementary School
    Finished elementary school
  • Teenage Years: Early Teen

    Teenage Years: Early Teen
    Hobbies: tennis, badminton, horse riding, ice skating, etc.
  • Junior High

    Junior High
    Finished junior high
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    I am currently a student in Niles North High School. (I play badminton a few times a week, tutor younger kids once a week, and I am involved in many other clubs and activities.)
  • High School

    High School
    Graduate from high school
  • Future Car

    Future Car
    I don't know what type yet.
  • College

    Graduate from college
  • Future Young Adult

    Future Young Adult
    Maybe own my own house.
  • Future Job

    Future Job
    Professional Medical Career; First Official Job
  • Retirement

    Age: 65
  • Period: to

    Primary School

    (Elementary, NY)
  • Period: to

    Junior High and High School

    Junior High, NY and High School, IL
  • Period: to


    (College or Pre-Med, in Illinois)