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  • My Life Beginning

    My Life Beginning
    I was born in Mesa Arizona where I started to live my life.
  • My First Steps

    My First Steps
    I took my first steps when I was 1 years old and my parents were so proud of me.
  • My First Words

    My First Words
    I said my first words the same month and a couple days later after i started walking
  • Disney Land

    Disney Land
    When i was three years old i went to Disney Land for the very first time of my life.
  • Preschool

    My first School was at some random girls house that my mom knew.
  • Big Wheel

    Big Wheel
    I got my first big wheel when i was 5 and i remember i had so much fun with it.
  • Started Real School

    Started Real School
    I started Kindergarden at a church because we didnt really live in the best parts and i guess the church was the most trust worthy school around.
  • Real Bike

    Real Bike
    I got my first bike when i was 6 years old for my birthday. I remember i was the most happy kid on the planet.
  • Elementry

    I started 1st grade when I was 6 years old at a real public school called Oak Tree Elementry
  • Got My First Pet

    Got My First Pet
    I got a pitbull and named it shian
  • Jr high

    Jr high
    Started Jr high and it was super scary at first because ive neer had to switch to classes before and i was worried i wouldnt know where to go.
  • Lego Land

    Lego Land
    I went to Lego Land when i was 13 when school ahd just got out. I went with my Mom Dad and my little brother.
  • Last Day of 8th Grade

    Last Day of 8th Grade
    My last day in 8th grade was the best day of my life because i didnt have to see all the stupid teachers i had!
  • HighSchool

    When High School started it was so insane because of all the storys and sterotypical things people say about made me go crazy