My Life

Timeline created by briannacrockett
  • Born

    Born at Baptist Hospital which is now Centennial Midtown
  • Birth Mom

    Mom left sister and I and we lived with my dad
  • Kindegarten

    went to Alex Green
  • Marraige

    Dad married Stepmom - She had a son
  • Vacation

    went to Disney World for the first time
  • 1st grade

    Went to Dan Mills because my grandmother worked at the school
  • 2nd-4th grade

    Went to Bellshire Elementary because it was my zone school
  • Acceptance to Middle School

    I got accepted into Meigs Academic Middle
  • Student Council

    First time being in Student Council - Class representative
  • Suspension

    Got suspended 1 day and ISS 2 days
  • Cheer

    Made the cheer team for freshman year
  • First job

    First job working at Osh Kosh and Carters