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Subway hero The Subway hero In class we watched an interview of the subway hero on the Letterman Show. This man demonstrated courage in a single moment while everyone else in the subway ignored a man in need. This man's actions proved to me that anyone can become a hero.
Timeline Free Write Mrs. Allen asked us to answer a series of questions about heroes. I defined a hero as someone who sacrificess or sets aside personal interests in order to perform a selfless action for anyone in need.
Why courage matters Why Courage Matters We read the first chapter of John McCain's book, which gives examples of courage not only in war but in every day lives. This book made me realize that courage is a quality that every hero must have.
Peace corps Kristi Quillen Interview I watched a recorded web cam interview with Kristi Quillen about her work in Coasta Rica as a peace corp volunteer. Her actions are completely selfless which is part of my definition of a true hero.
Canada Choosing My Hero I choose Geoffrey Canada as my hero. I first heard about him when I watched part of a documentary called Waiting for superman. Canada's actions stood out to me the most becasue he is making major changes today in the education of children in Harlem and in America.
Whatever it takes Looking for a Book on my Hero While in the library I did brief research on Geoffrey Canada and found a book about him and his work, Whatever it Takes: Geoffrey Canada's Quest to Save Harlem and America.
Timeline Change the World Power Point
Timeline Change the World Power Point Continued
Timeline First Blog Post: How I Chose My Hero Blog Post 2
Whatever it takes Began Reading my Book A preview of Whatever It Takes by Paul Tough
Messenger Second Blog Post: Heros in Liturature and in LIfe Blog Post 1
Timeline Article Article about Geoffrey CanadaI found an article online that consists of an interview with Geoffrey Canada. The interiview dicsusses different aspects of the work Canada does with children as well as challenges he faces along the way.
Timeline Watched Interviews with Geoffrey Canada Video About Harlem Children's ZoneCanada interviewed on the Colbert ReportI watched a few videos of Canada being interviewed. This gave me a better understanding of how passionate and emotinal invested Canada is about his work.
Times magazine Time Article Geoffrey CanadaIn the Time magazine's most influential people, I found an article on Geoffrey Canada. The article is brief but Canada also appears on the cover along with Aung San Suu Kyi and Oprah Winfrey.
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