The history of Cannapock

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In History
  • Unease

    With the world war raging, a group of Czechoslovakians gather to hatch an escape plan, hoping to avoid any conflicts.
  • Exodus

    A group of Czechoslovakians sets sail to an Atlantic island.
  • Settling

    The migrants land on their new island, and claim it as Cannapock.
  • Cooperation

    Understanding that they must work together, the Cannapocks become democratic communist islanders.
  • Deceleration of Peace.

    Content with their government, the Cannapocks commit to isolationism and civil interactions with one another.
  • Constitution

    The Cannapocks thoroughly describe their way of life in a public document, signed by all current Cannapocks. At the age of 18 a young Cannapock will either sign the constitution in agreement, or be allowed to travel away from Cannapock.
  • Period: to


    The newly deemed Cannapocks struggle for food, as there is greed and uncooperative actions.
  • Period: to

    Finding their place.

    The Cannapocks divvy up the work load and settle into their strengths. They develop farmers, clothiers, and other amenities.