My Brother Sam is Dead

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In History
  • Lexington and Concord

    On April 19th, 1775 the battle of Lexington & Concord occurs. It was known as "The Shot Heard Around the World"
  • Sam comes home

    Sam comes home from Yale. He tells about how he wants to fight in the war.
  • Sam and father fight, Sam steals the Brown Bess

    Sam runs away to fight in the war
  • Sam runs away to fight in the war

    Sam iqnores fathers disagreement and heads off to fight in the war.
  • Continental Officers come looking for father's gun

    The Officers come into the tavern wanting the Brown Bess, but father did not have it. The officers started threatening him, thinking he was lying.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    This was the first major battle of the revolution.
  • Decloration of Independence

    The signing of The Decloration of Independence was on July, 4th 1776. They were risk takers because this could have been considered treason.
  • Trip to Verplanks Point

    Father is captured by Cow-Boys coming home. Tim had to take the wagon home by himself. He tricked the cow-boys.
  • The British Attack Danbury, Conncecticut

    They want the Continental Army's supplies.
  • Find out father is dead

    Father dies of diesease on a British Prison Ship.
  • Treaty of Alliance

    The Treaty of Alliance is when the French agree to help the Americans in the Revolutionary War.
  • Sam comes home again, Continental Army is in Reading

    Continental Army is in Reading. Which means Sam is home.
  • Sam is accused of stealing cattle

    Sam deserted his post to see his family, he was chasing after the cattle thevies when they turned and made it look like he was the cattle theif.
  • Sam's Trial

    Sam's trial from getting blamed of stealing the cattle.
  • Sam is executed

    Same gets shot in the back, he gets caught on fire, but was still alive so they had to shoot him again.
  • Cornwallis Surrenders

    The last battle, the Battle of Yorktown ended when Cornwallis surrendered to Washington, although Cornwallis did not attend the ceremony due to "illness" so he sent Charles O'hara.
  • Tim writes the book

    Tim writes the book "My Brother Sam is Dead"
  • Period: to

    My Brother Sam is Dead