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Multimedia History

Timeline created by Karwanna in Science and Technology
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Printing press small square 1st Jan, 1460 Printing Press The invention of movable type printing, making the printing of books cheaper and faster. This era moved into a great demand for books and press.
Timeline small square Motion Pictures Eadweard Muybridge was an English photographer important for his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion and in motion-picture projection
Timeline small square Introduction of Photography Joseph Nicephore Niepce attribted to French inventor and pioneer who invented the first known photograph in 1825
Imgres small square Type Writer
Old radio small square Radio in Household For the first time, radio became a common household item available to common users.
Timeline small square TV Broadcast CBS first TV broadcast using videotape
Timeline small square CDs a standard household item
Timeline small square World Wide Web (WWW) Tim Berners Lee is known for his great invention of the world wide web, making information accessible to anyone, anywhere and everone a contributor.
Timeline small square Internet Boom .COM became a huge phenomena during this period. This is when businesses began to cross borders and boundaries and people were able to do business virtually anywhere in the world. This would mark the begining of personal URLs and the boom of the domain name.
Timeline small square Social Networking Myspace was a leading social network platform before Facebook and Twitter
Timeline small square Youtube Video sharing online became a great pheonomena starting with Youtube