Morgan Freeman

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220px morgan freeman cannes Born Morgan Freeman was born in 1937. He was born in Memphis Tennessee. His parents were Mayme Edna and Morgan Freeman.
Morgan freeman god First taste of acting Morgan Freeman got his first taste of acting. He was only nine years old. He played the leading role of his school play.
Morganfreeman2crop Radio life Freeman took his talents to the radio. He performed skits over the air. He did this in Nashville Tennesse.
Morgan freeman Early life Morgan turns 12. He won a state wide drama competiton. He did it all while still attending school.
Free Education In 1955, he graduated from Broad Street. He turned down a partial drama scholarship from Jackson State University, Instead to work as a mechanic in the United States Air Force.
Shawshankandyred Los Angeles Morgan turned 24. He moved to Los Angeles. He worked as a transcript clerk at Los Angeles Community College.
Morgan freeman First big film Freeman has his first big role in a movie. His first big film was "Who Say's I Can't Ride A Rainbow". This opened a lot of doors for him.
220px street smart poster His Career takes off Street SmartFreeman's career takes off with his first big film. He plays a big role in the movie "Street Smart". He plays "Fast Black", a pimp.
T00069swgby Glory GloryFreeman began playing prominent supporting roles in many feature films. Earning him a reputation for depicting wise, fatherly characters. "Glory", was one of his biggest roles.
Mv5bntyxotyymze3nv5bml5banbnxkftztcwotmxndy3mw@@  v1  sx640 sy432 Shawshank Redemption Freeman plays the role of a prizoner in this great movie. This is one of his best films. This really gave Freeman a lot of recognition.
Seven 785775i Seven Freeman teams up with Brad Pitt and David Fincher. They are part of one of the best thrillers of the year. Freeman showed more of his awesomeness in this movie.
T00136bdtpk Into Robin Hood Robin HoodMorgan plays in a blockbuster movie "Robin Hood". He teams up with Kevin Costner to breing in the big dollars in this movie. This is another movie that got him noticed in the acting world.
Freemanbruce30 God Freeman plays God in Evan Almighty. He teams up with Jim Carrey in this classic movie. This gave Freeman the knickname Black God.
Morgan freeman 1 The Dark Knight The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight is completely awesome. Freeman plays a co-star part in one of the greatest action movies of all time. Freeman fits into this movie excellently.
Dark knight rises The Dark Knight Rises RisesFreeman and the rest of the Dark Knight cast come back for the sequel of the Dark Knight. This movie is probably going to be awesome. It is coming out July 20th this Summer