Monarch Migration Timeline

Timeline created by cciancia
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Monarchs Time for Migration! The monarch butterflies start their mission to Mexico for the long winter.
Thumbnailcav0llc1 Arive to Mexico The butterflies have quickly escaped the cold winter soon to come and are gathering food in Mexico.
Monarchs%202 Arive to southern Texas The monarchs are returning to Texas after their trip to northern Mexico.
Thumbnailcarxznjx Laying Eggs The butterflies have come back toth U.S. to lay eggs
Monarchs Breeding By the begining of June, all butterflies are defenitly back to central U.S. and have started to breed.
Thumbnailcadbej1q Back to Mexico!!!!! One traverses Texas in a 300-mile wide path stretching from Wichita Falls to Eagle Pass. Monarchs enter the Texas portion of this flyway during the last days of September. By the third week of October, most have passed through into Mexico.
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