Mexico 1750-1900

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  • Hidalgo - Failed Revolt

    Hidalgo - Failed Revolt
    In September of 1810, Miguel Hidalgo led a revolt in Mexico. Hidalgo's failed to make a difference and his attempt to rebel turned out as a fail. The fail caused thousands of deaths and many more injuries of his people.
  • Slavery is abolished!

    Slavery is abolished!
    In 1829, Mexico officially abolishes slavery. After three years of efforts to end slavery by Tornel, Guerrero finally put an end to the slavery in Mexico. This was put into action at the Federal Palace of Mexico, on the 15th of September, 1829.
  • Seven Constitutional Laws

    Seven Constitutional Laws
    In 1836, Mexico enacts a new constitution. In attempt to improve their previous lifestyle, the Seven Constitutional Laws were put into place. They were used to help territory, limits, etc.
  • War with the French!

    War with the French!
    On April 16, 1838 a fleet from France started the blockade of Mexico's east coast seaports, which created a war. This started because of a claim that since Mexico had first gained its independence and freedom, many of the French people living there lost both lives and land due to Mexicans' actions.
  • Caste War!

    Caste War!
    1847 was the start of the Caste War, which did not end until the early 1900s. It began with the revolt by the native Mayans in Yucatán against the Yucatecos, of Europe, about politcal and economic control.
  • Mexican-American War!

    Mexican-American War!
    In September of 1847, the Mexican-American War was sparked by the Storming of Chapultepec! The American troops successfully made it into the city to spark a battle in Mexico. This was the first time Americans had broken through to the city!
  • Plan de Ayutla

    Plan de Ayutla
    Im 1854, Juan Alvarez made a plan of action. Alvarez, an illiterate Indian guerrillero, led Mexican liberals and by Ignacio Comonfort, proclaimed the "Plan de Ayutla". This was put in action against Santa Anna.
  • Alvarez - President

    Alvarez - President
    Alvarez, the leader of the Plan de Ayutla, becomes the new president of Mexico City. His new actions as president included the incorporation of Benito Juarez and Melchor Ocampa.
  • Short Reign - New President!

    Short Reign - New President!
    After a very short rule, Alvarez resigns as president. He is then replaced by Ignacio Comonfort, whom was under him in rank. Comonfort was incorporated in Alvarez's first government structure and had similar ideas.
  • Reform War!

    Reform War!
    The Reform War, also known as Guerra de Reforma, was sparked in Mexico. The Mexican general, Felix Zuloaga, was the reason of this war. It was said he staged a "coup" against Comonfort and Juarez, causing battle that became a national problem and started a war.