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Meteor Shower Timeline

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6043936 great image of shooting stars in the night sky
Mar 16th, 0697
First Lyrid Meteor Shower First Lyrid Meteor Shower on March 16, 687 AD.
Mar 14th, 0902
First Leonid Meteor Shower First Leonid Meteor Shower on March 14, 902 AD.
Nov 15th, 1492
Meteor in Ensisheim France A large stone meteor about 330 pounds dropped from the sky into a field on November 7, 1492
Johannes kepler 1610 Meteor Shower Linked to Johannes Kelper's Death Meteor happened the day after he died. Ancient records said this was a sulute from the Gods for his death.
18726985 earth in a meteor shower Meteor over Flordia Keys Witnessed by Andrew Elliot Douglas. People Knelt down and prayed to Churches, thinking that the Day of Judgement was at hand.
Bella Meteor Shower Over Boston This Meteor produced half the amount of snow in the average snow storm that happened that day.
Kdasla Russian Tunguska Meteorite A meteor exploded near Russia's Tunguska RIver. It is now called the Tunguska RIver.
19329146 meteoric on the night sky with star and moon Meteor in New York A Lady heard a loud crash outside, she walked outside and a football sized rock passed through her car and caused a hole in her drive way.
17979859 asteroid impact on earth Holocene Epoch The Holocene Epochwas strong enough to overturn the current estimates of how often the earth suffers meteors over a 10 megation explosion of 500,000 to 1 million years to now every 1,000 years.
Russian blast Russian Meteor Blast The Russian meteor blast injured 1,700 people. It gave scientists great material for researching because they had access to fresh samples.
12493850 vector background with meteor shower What is a Meteor Shower? A meteor showers is a rain of meteors, coming from a particular area in the sky. Today Scientists believe it is caused by the earth passing through a large number of meterorids
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Jan 1st, 0600