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Matthew Henson's Final Attempt to Reach the North Pole

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Images 6 small square The Roosevelt leaves New York. The Roosevelt left New York on their way to Cape Sheridan to start their expedition.
Images 9 small square Oyster Bay At Oyster Bay, New York, President Theodore Roosevelt came on board to wish them luck.
Images 11 small square Cape Sheridan The Roosevelt arrived at Cape Sheridan, Matt had to train the new men in dog driving, igloo building, and survival. He made the sledges and the alcohol stoves.
Images 7 small square Ready to go to the North Pole The men were ready to go to the North Pole. Each man took a special possesion. Each sledge carried 450 pounds of supplies, enough to last one man- 50 days.
Timeline small square Heading Out Bartlett and Borup left Cape Columbia to pioneer the trail.
Images 7 small square Matthew's Turn Matthew Henson waited for Peary's command to go and then he took off to the North Pole.
Images 12 small square Meeting Up Again! Henson and Pearyt caught up with Bartlett on the Big Lead. They were stuck there, because it hadn't frozen over yet.
Timeline small square Still Waiting Matt saw the sun finally. The weather was perfect, but they still could not cross the Big Lead.
Timeline small square Get Across!!!! The Big Lead finally froze over, and the men got across.
Timeline small square See you later, Ross Marvin! It was Ross Marvin's turn to go back, he wished Matt good luck getting to the pole.
Unknown 2 small square Bartlett Jumps to Safety! Peary and Henson caught up to Bartlett. Bartlett was caught on an ice floe, when the ice cracked, and was floating away. Thankfully, he was quick enough to jump to safety.
Images 3 small square Bartlett's Turn to Go Back! Bartlett had to go back. He was disappointed, but he understood why Matt should be the one to continue on. Henson and Peary repaired the sledges, and prepared to go on.
Unknown 1 small square Peary Leads the Way! Robert Peary started out on foot in front of Matthew Henson. Matt saw the full moon and the sun in the sky at the same time.
Images 14 small square Matt's Dangerous Moment Matthew Henson fell into the freezing Arctic water and Ootah saved his life.
Images 13 small square Almost There!!! At noon when Peary took measurements he was three miles from the North Pole- Top of the World was so close.
Images 2 small square Planting the Stars and Stripes More Information on Matthew HensonMatthew Henson took four more measurements before declding that they had finally reached the North Pole. The men took pictures with the United States flag.
Images small square Back to the Roosevelt Information on Matthew HensonAfter finally reaching the North Pole, Matthew Henson,
Robert Peary, and the Eskimos arrived back to Cape Columbia and were able to rellax for the first time in 68 days.