Manifest Destiny

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Grizzly adams Birth of Mountain Men Mountain men begin to explore the west and create trails going westward for pioneers.
Austin Austin Starts the Colony Stephen Austin starts colony and attracts around 300 settlers known as the "Old Three Hundred"
Mexicofan Mexico gains Independence from Spain Mexico becomes free from Spanish rule.
Joseph smith Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Joseph Smith founds the Mormon Church.
Austin Austin Returns to Mexico City Austin travels to Mexico City to request better conditions for Americans in Texas. President Santa Anna finds out that if he did not agree Austin would support Texas breaking away from Mexico, and arrests Austin.
Alamo small1 The Alamo 180 volunteers nearly defend the small Alamo fort and kill over 1,000 Mexican Soldiers, but cannot defend the fort after running out of ammunition.
Samh2 sm Sam Houston Becomes General of Texan Army A meeting at a settlement decides to declare Texas an independent state and chooses that Houston is the General.
Nunst070 Battle of San Jacinto Texan Army advances to San Jacinto and destroy half of the Mexican Army, Santa Anna signs a treaty to give Texas freedom.
Oregon Fights over Oregon. United States and Britain fight over who owns Oregon and split the region to create the boarder between United States and Canada later in American history.
Nunst070 Texas Admitted to Union United States Congress admitts Texas as a slave state.
220px jamesknoxpolk Westward Expansion President James Polk was commited to the expansion of America and wanted America to spread coast to coast.
Mexicanwarresults War With Mexico Begins Mexican soldiers cross Rio Grande and ambush an American patrol and start the war between America an Mexico.
Scott mexicocity01 Siege of Mexico City Winfield Scott leads forces into Mexico and capture Mexico City ending the war in the United States' favor.
Bullion bars gold bars 300x225 Sights of Gold James Marshall spots gold in a river in California.
Nunst0006 California Admitted into the Union California is admitted as a free state into the United States.
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California Gold Rush Pioneers from all over the East Coast, Europe, and Asia travel to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to find gold in the rivers.