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Malcolm X

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Timeline small square Malcolm X is born Malcolm is born
Timeline small square Malcolm's house burned down In Lansing,Michigan his house burned down. Nobody was hurt. No exact date.
Timeline small square Malcolm's father is dead His dead body was found on the train tracks. He might have been murdered by white supremacists but, nobody really knows.
Malcom x's mother and father small square Mother goes to mental instution No exact date. She goes because of her saddness from her husband's death. The children all get seperated in foster care.
Timeline small square Why Malcolm dropped out of school His favorite teacher asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. Malcom said a lawyer, after the teacher said that is no realistic goal for a nigger. Next, Malcolm dropped out of school. No exact date
Malcolm and ella small square Malcolm moves to Boston with his half-sister Ella Malcolm gets caught up in the underground illegal drug trade in Boston. No exact date
Malcolm x prison small square Malcolm goes to jail Him and his buddies get arrested for burglary charges and Malcolm got a 10 year sentence. His white buddies got a few months. In jail Malcolm extends his education by reading everyday in jail. No exact date
Malcolmx small square Malcolm converts to Islam and he is released While in prison his siblings tell in him about the nation of Islam. Malcolm converts when he is in prison. Malcolm serves 7 years because of parole. After he is released he changes his last name from Little to X in tribute to his unknown African name. He goes to the leader of the NOI. (Nation of Islam). Which is Elijah Muhammad. He became minster of a temple in Harlem. Malcolm becomes thenational spokesman of the NOI. No exact dates.
Malcolm1 small square Malcolm X gets married He marries Betty Shabazz. They have 6 kids.
Sourcebook img 79 small square Makes a newspaper For Elijah Muhammad to promote the NOI. With Malcolm the NOI went from 400 to 40,000 members. No exact date
Timeline small square Malcolm leaves the NOI Malcolm leaves the Noi because of Kennedeys assaination and because he "betrayed" the NOi. No exact date.
Mecca malcolm x small square Malcolm visits the Mecca Malcolm changes his views and he fights for all people and doesn't hate white people. He joins the peaceful civil rights movement..
Malcolm x dead small square Malcolm X is assasinated! He gets shot with sixteen bullets.