Major Events in George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Animal farm1 Battle of the pigs against Jones Battle of the pigs against Jones
Animalfarm2 Battle of the Cowshed
Pigs Pigs encourage the animals to work hard on the farm
Timeline Different opinions between Napoleon and Snowball are apparent
Piglets Napoleon is openly antagonistic to Snowball's ideas
Doggie! Snowball chased away by the dogs
Windmills Building of the windmill
Hens Hens starve to death, when they do not want to sell eggs
Farms Other farms recognize Animal Farm
Collie Dogs help Napoleon to search through the private belongings of the animals
Sheep Death of four pigs, three hens, goose and sheep
Rights! Deal between Animal Farm and Frederick
Money! Banknotes for woodpile are not worth anything
Flag Treaty with Pilkington
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