Major events in 1750-1918

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Factory Industrial Revolution The Industrial revolution was a time where great advances in technology led to inventions such as the car, aeroplane and the steam engine.
Tea The Boston Tea Party When the British government refused to remove a tax on tea, American people dumped a heap of tea into Boston Harbour. It was a sign of rebellion and was a main event leading up to the revolution.
American flag American Revolution The American Revolution was a time where America became it's own independent nation, by breaking away from the British empire. Major events included the Boston Tea Party and the War of Indepandence. The American Revolution was an important time in American history.
Firstfleet First Fleet arrived in Australia The first ship of people to come to Australia from England. There was over 1000 people on it. These were the first people to colonise Australia.
French flag French Revolution The French revolution started when Louis XVI came to power in France. He contolled everything and this resulted in his country delving into poverty. The people were extremely unhappy with this and forcefully remove Louis and his followers to make a fairer government.
Bastille Storming of the Bastille A French mob moved into the Bastille to get weapons and explosives for a war. This event became the symbolic flashpoint of the French Revolution.
Louis Louis XVI was Excecuted Louis was executed by guillotine along with 16,594 other followers of the government.
Volta The First Battery is made Alessandro Volta invents a battery to store an electrical current, the unit of electric potential, the volt is named after him.
Napoleon French Revolution ends In 1804 Napoleon was crowned Emperor of France, France went through a period of mass expansion. Although France reverted back to it's original monarch this meant that the people had to be respected by the government.
Edward Gold found in Australia Edward Hargraves discovers gold near Bathurst, New South Wales, this triggered several gold rushes in Australia which over doubled the population of men and brought many culture in the world to Australia.
Eureka tockade battle Eureka Stockade The Eureka Stockade was a fight for miners rights during the Ballarat Gold rush. In particular they wanted to get rid of unnesesary taxation, such as the miners licence
Abraham lincoln Abraham Lincoln Assasinated On this date important American president Abraham Lincoln was assasinated while attending a play. Lincoln was shot in the head from point blank range, he died 9 hours later.
American flag American Civil War started The American Civil war was between the north and south America. It is still the most deadliest war in American history there was nearly more death than WW1 and WW2 combined.
Hitler Adolf Hitler was born Future leader of Germany. Born in Austria, served for Germany in World War 1 as an officer. He used his hatred for the jews to feul World War 2.
Australian flag Australian Federation This was when Australia became it's own single nation, although Australia was still apart of the Great Britian Empire this was a great advancement in the nation.
Plane The First Flight Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright achieve the first controlled, powered, man carrying flight. Although the flight only lasted for approximately 30 seconds this was a great advancement in the evolution of flying.
Henry ford Henry Ford crestes the first automobile Henry Ford creates the first mass produced automobile. It was a fast and effective way of transportation. This symbolized the industrial revolution and the effect it was having on modern society.
Titanic Titanic sunk The Titanic was the biggest passenger steamship, holding over 2000 people it was branded 'unsinkable'. That all changed when the boat hit an iceberg just after midnight of the 14th of April. Over 1500 people died it was one of the worst disasters of the 20th century.
Franz ferdinand Archduke Franz Ferdinand An importantant figure in the Austrian-Hungary empire, after the Serbians assasinated him they declared war on Serbia slowly this led to World War 1.
Peace WW1 ends Germany surrended and this ended world war 1. Germany was made to surrending alot of land and had to pay over 300 billion dollars to repay the costs of war.
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