Little Rock Nine

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Little rock 4 Supreme Court rules in Plessy vs. Ferguson The U.S. Supreme Court rules in Plessy vs. Ferguson that "separate but equal" facilities for African Americans do not violate the Constitution.
Little rock 5 Supreme Court Rules in Brown v. Board The Supreme Court unanimously rules in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, et. al. that segregation in public schools is unconstitutional.
Little rock nine 6 Students begin to enroll African American students enroll in formerly all-white schools in Washington D.C. and 150 school districts in eight states.
Little rock 7 Little Rock School Board adopts plan so integrate The Little Rock School Board adopts a plan to gradually integrate, beginning with the admission of a few African American students to Central High School in September, 1957.
Little rock 8 Students approved to enter school School officials approve 17 African American students for enrollment at Central High School from over 200 applicants.
Little rock 9 Enrolling is witheld Governor Faubus testifies that integration will result in violence, a judge issues a court order temporarily keeping African American students from enrolling at Central High.
Little rock 10 National Guard is called upon Faubus announces that he is mobilizing the Arkansas National Guard to prevent violence. The School Board asks African American students to stay away from Central High.
Little rock 11 School Board proceeds with integration U.S. District Court Judge Ronald N. Davies orders the Little Rock School Board to proceed with integration.
Little rock 12 Students not allowed to enter school The Arkansas National Guard refuses to allow nine African American students to enter Central High School.
Little rock 19 National Guard withdrawn U.S. District Court Judge Ronald N. Davies orders an end to state interference with the integration of Central High. The governor withdraws the Arkansas National Guard.
Little rock 13 Protestors arrive Over a thousand angry white people gather outside Central High to protest the enrollment of the "Little Rock Nine." Little Rock police officers are unable to maintain order.
Little rock 14 The Little Rock Nine try to enter the school, met my mob As the Nine were attempting to enter the school they were met by a crowd of protesors. The nine students were removed for their own safety and President Eisenhower calls in the federal troops.
Little rock 15 The US 101 troops leave Little Rock The US 101 Airborne division leave Little Rock leaving the safety of the students to the federal troops.
Little rock 16 Ernest Green Graduates High School Ernest Green graduates from Central High and becomes the first African American to do so.
Little rock 17 Faubus Closes All Public Schools in Little Rock Orval Faubus closes all public schools in Little Rock in order to attempt to end desegregation.
Little rock 18 Central High Re-Opens A group of white parents and members of the Little Rock Nine succeed in re-opening the school to black and white students.
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Little Rock Nine