Life Path to My Second Career as an Educator

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  • I Have a Dream

    I Have a Dream
    The Civil Rights March on Washington DC where Martin Luther King Jr.'s gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech was an inspiration to many. There were over 250,000 people, the largest gathering of this kind in history. It was peaceful and the first time the media covered such an event witnessed by millions of viewers. The dedication and convictions of one man led to countless inspired acts by those fighting for freedom from injustices and equality in employment and education.
  • Civil Rights Act - 1964, Prohibits discrimination

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on religion, color, race, or national origin. Desegregation can now be enforced by the government.
  • My Birth!!

    What a proud day for my parents. I was their first daughter after a seven year break from having three sons in a row. My father bought me a mini skirt that same day!
  • Frank C. Carr creates "INROADS" after being inspired by Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream"

  • Kindergarten thru 5th grade

    I began Kindergarten in September 1972. During my early elementary years, I enjoyed learning. For me it was fun. Whatever I learned, I wanted to share with others. As a child with my friends, I loved playing school and pretending to be the teacher.
  • Ruling for Cleveland Schools Desegregation

    Ruling for Cleveland Schools Desegregation
    Protests for desegregation in Cleveland
    Reed v. Rhodes; the plaintiffs alleged that the State of Ohio and the Cleveland Public Schools intentionally created and maintained a segregated school system based on race that violated the 14th Amendment rights of black school children.
    This ruling eventually impacted my choice of schools. Though I was bussed to the west side, I don't believe my education was enhanced.
  • Integration/Busing begins in Cleveland

    Busing began for me the 2nd half of 7th grade. I had to be at the bustop at 6:15a.m. every morning to attend Carl F. Shuler Jr. High. In the afternoon, after a long day, the bus fumes often caused me headaches.
    I personally did not see the benefit of bussing. Why? Waste of resources and white flight. East and West sides schools were predominantly black. Monies could have been spent on quality/effective training for teachers and materials for all schools. Monies were wasted on transportation
  • 6th grade graduation speech

    My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Genevieve Brown (currently 91years young) chose me to be the 6th grade graduation speaker. I was afraid, but pleasantly surprised. Her confidence in me, practicing with me on voice, presentation and eye contact, propelled me to a new level whereby I became comfortable speaking in public settings.
  • My personal end to busing - YEAAH!

    At the end of 8th grade I told my mother I did not want to be bused on the west side during 9th grade. Fortunately, I was always an Honor Roll student and was able to transfer without testing to the Honors/Major Work school 2 miles from my house.
    - Whitney Young Jr. High was a great experience. The teachers were truly engaging - I had never experienced teachers & students conversating in depth in Social Studies or English. I was both impressed and intimidated.
  • L.E.A.D. at Columbia University

    L.E.A.D. at Columbia University
    LEAD Program
    Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Business accepts 240 high school juniors annually. LEADers participate in 4-week residential Summer Business Institutes at one of the nation’s top business schools. I had to write two essays to enter this program. Thanks to Ms. Lyons who made me re-write 3 times. Thanks to Ms. Greene for cussing me out turning in application day before deadline; I vowed to speak respectfully to everyone.
  • Began internship at Ferro Corporation (an INROADS partner)

    Thanks to Frank Carr, founder of INROADS, right out of H.S.I was blessed with an internship in the accounting department. Worked summers and winter vacations. Learned much from the various accounting and manufacturing departments between 1985 until 1990. Worked at Ferro until June 2005.
  • Ferro Corporation & Charles Elliot Middle School

    Ferro Corporation & Charles Elliot Middle School
    Because of Ferro's adopt-a-school program I became a volunteer tutor and Junior Achievement instructor at my former middle school - Charles Elliot. It is here, when my passion for teaching began to kindle. It was great making connections between math and business. There were several students with "AH HA" moments.
  • Cleveland Busing ends May 1996

    Federal judge, Robert B. Krupansky,lifted part of a desegregation order today, ending nearly two decades of court-ordered busing in Cleveland's school system. He found that the district had followed a plan that was supposed to achieve racial balance, largely through cross-town busing.
  • Michael - my first born son

    He was such a beautiful baby, a fun toddler, a pleasant boy, and currently a mild mannered 14 yr.old
  • John - my second son

    John's my Valentine baby - so special in many ways. He's caring, affectionate, distant, tempermental and polite.
  • My son's path to kindergarten

    Visiting our neighborhood elementary school and the honors school (5 and 10 minutes away from home, respectively), I was disappointed about the following: lack of classroom control, lack of positiveness, lack of teacher and student enthusiasm and interaction, shocked by below average state test scores of students in the honors school and, bad attitudes of both administrations.
    I could not envision my child in such an environment. I began the search for a "good" school for my son.
  • The Discussion & Rejection - Why do you want to Teach?

    The first serious discussion my husband and I had about my changing careers and desire to teach. He was not happy about this. He stated several reasons why he thought teaching was a bad idea for me; less income and less time with family due to grading papers. However, he rejected my desire to share knowledge and teach middle schoolers and the benefit of my being home with our sons during summer and other school breaks.
  • Public Education and the Imagination-Intellect

    Public Education and the Imagination-Intellect
    “When children enter the public school classroom at five years old, they possess vibrant, playful imagination-intellects, they are full of questions, and are excited about learning. What happens in the ensuing years as they sit in classrooms…with its straight rows, uncomfortable chairs…being fed information like pabulum, forced to be silent until called upon?” (Imagination-Intellect, p.8)
  • JFSA

    Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland, a private non-profit organization, strengthens families and individuals by providing services to the Jewish and broader communities in Northeast Ohio. I owe special thanks to this organization for the great counseling on prevention, protection and healing from domestic violence provided to me and my sons.
  • Counseling

    Time to heal mentally and emotionally from years of abuse. My oldest son and I participated in domestic violence counseling. For my son it was art therapy along with other children who were witnesses to or victims of d.v. It was very good to get help early on, I'm thankful to be alive and victorious. I share my story when I see a need to help others in similar situations - I can recognize victims.
  • Domestic Violence Awareness

    Domestic Violence Awareness
    As I recovered and became a victor over domestic violence, I also became an advocate. I advocate to help those who are or know someone who is a domestic violence victim. Unfortunately, domestic violence is part of life in all religious circles, and often is hushed or dismissed. I joined an organization called Pneuma Life Foundation that raises awareness of domestic violence in religious communities.
    Pneuma Life Foundation
  • Registered for the Master's in Education program at JCU

    Registered for the Master's in Education program at JCU
    The day I registered was my 40th birthday. I'd been desiring to enter the education field for the past 7-10 years.
  • 2007 Special Family Reunion

    In 2007 my sister (a preK to 3rd grade teacher) and I attended for the first time a family reunion on my mother's side. My mom completed high school but did not attend college. We discovered our family has quite a few teachers and education administrators. Wow! We were excited to learn this.
    This was encouraging for me because just the week before, I registered in the Masters in Education program. I was amazed because it appears I was destined to become a teacher, its "in the bloodline!"
  • The Global Achievment Gap by Tony Wagner

    The Global Achievment Gap by Tony Wagner
    My background in business and accounting was first formed by opportunities from educational and business partnerships. These partnerships are vital in maintaining economic stability. or managing growth; it's important to prepare and inspire critical thinking among students who will be leading businesses, hospitals, schools, non-profit agencies and the like.
    7 Survival Skills for the 21st Century
  • First graduate course: Learning -Teaching with Dr, Manning

    "What do you think about what you're learning?" "How are you processing the information you learn?" These were two powerful questions that I never thought about until this class. Whatever I'm reading, hearing, or seeing, how do I gain understanding of the matter and apply it when warranted?
  • Multicultural Education with Dr. Weems

    Multicultural Education with Dr. Weems
    My multicultural education class with Dr. Weems was one of the best classes I’ve taken at JCU. Dr. Weems passionately exposed, engaged and enforced us to view different groups both uniquely and similarly as human beings. I became aware of my own insensitivity towards physically handicapped individuals. I was insensitive because I was personally uncomfortable. Thankfully, I've since purposed to always initially engage in conversation, give eye contact when the opportunity arises.
  • Student Teaching

    Began Student Teaching at Shaker Middle School. It was fun teaching World History to the 7th graders. I discovered history is a subject where differentiated instruction is more easily applied and flexible to the multiple learning styles of students.
  • Dr. Thomas Kelly

    Dr. Thomas Kelly
    On this day, Dr. Kelly was truly inspiring and revealed a unique and extraordinary level of dedication towards his students. He presented to each of his seminar students a graduation certificate, Along with each certificate was an individualized letter of encouragement and expression of gratitude for that student.

    Dr. Kelly used all of our weekly comment forms and shared experiences to create these individualized letters. I'm totally inspired to do this with my students in the future.
  • Teaching Career begins

    I had an opportunity to teach math and social studies in a long-term position for the remainder of the school year. It was a difficult situation - I was their 4th teacher during the school year and their math teacher passed away in May.
  • Graduation from JCU

    Graduation from JCU
    Yeeaah - Graduation!! The commencement was especially memorable for taking place during JCU's 125th anniversary year.
  • Period: to

    Civil Rights Acts 1964-1968

    The 1964 Civil Rights Act which prohibited employers from discriminating hiring practices based on race, religion, sex, color, or national origin was the catalyst for additional acts, 14th amendment ratifications and growth of affirmative action programs. I've been directly impacted by all these acts especially the 1965 right to vote act.
    I am passionate about voting and encourage everyone to vote - especially blacks reminding them of past struggles and loss of lives.
  • Period: to

    High School

    -Joined the Radio Club. Won many 1st place documentary & advertising awards over suburban school districts. Learned patience and dedication from my advisor Mr. Winters.
    -Won scholarship/stipend to attend Columbia University, appreciated Ms. Lyons for making me correct my essay three times before submitting; appreciated Ms. Greene for cussing me out - really bad for waiting to the last minute to submit my appl. materials, I learned from her to speak respectfully to others no matter the issue.
  • Period: to

    College Years

    Attended the University of Akron, majored in Accounting. I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college. Living on campus is a great experience - taught me independence and responsibility. I enjoyed the friendships created there. My room mate and I are still friends today!
  • Period: to

    Ferro Corporation - Accountant

    I grew professionally along with the growth of the company. From intern to staff accountant to accounting manager.
  • Period: to


    Marriage - the good: my two sons. Marriage - the bad: domestic violence.
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    American Greetings Accounting Supervisor

    Employed at American Greetings for almost 3 years. It was a pleasant and wonderful learning experience. However, my desire to teach was heightened during my time here. Two of my co-workers received their undergraduate accounting degrees from John Carroll
  • Period: to

    John Carroll University - Graduate School

    Memorable Classes and Professors that provoked self-reflection and self-improvement:
    Learning/Teaching - Dr. Manning;
    Multicultural Education - Dr. Weems;
    Education Environment - Dr. Storz;
    Student Teaching Seminar - Dr. Kelly;
    Foundations of Education - Dr. Shutkin