Leif Ericson Timeline

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  • Jan 1st, 0970

    Leif Ericson was born! :)

    Leif Ericson Was born in Iceland in the year 970
  • Jan 1st, 0987

    Left To Greenland

    Leif Ericson left to Greenland with his family, beacause has father had been banished
  • Nov 28th, 0992

    One of Leifs Brothers Has Died! :(

    One of Leifs brothers died shot by and arrow when exploring Vinland ( New Foundland, Canada ) .
  • Aug 31st, 0999

    His Exploration Starts

    Leif Ericson and his crew have landed in a place he called vinland (New foundland, Canada) .
  • Sep 9th, 0999

    They Stumble Across The Herbride Islands

    Leifs crew stumbles across the Herbride Islands and he marries the kings daughter
  • Jan 1st, 1001

    They Arive back in Greenland

    Leif Ericson and his crew arive back in greenland
  • Jan 1st, 1020

    Leif Ericson Died :(

  • Period:
    Jan 1st, 0970
    Jan 1st, 1020