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Leif Ericson Timeline

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline 1st Jan, 0970 Leif Ericson was born! :) Leif Ericson Was born in Iceland in the year 970
Timeline 1st Jan, 0987 Left To Greenland Leif Ericson left to Greenland with his family, beacause has father had been banished
Timeline 28th Nov, 0992 One of Leifs Brothers Has Died! :( One of Leifs brothers died shot by and arrow when exploring Vinland ( New Foundland, Canada ) .
Timeline 31st Aug, 0999 His Exploration Starts Leif Ericson and his crew have landed in a place he called vinland (New foundland, Canada) .
Timeline 9th Sep, 0999 They Stumble Across The Herbride Islands Leifs crew stumbles across the Herbride Islands and he marries the kings daughter
Timeline 1st Jan, 1001 They Arive back in Greenland Leif Ericson and his crew arive back in greenland
Timeline 1st Jan, 1020 Leif Ericson Died :(
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1st Jan, 0970
1st Jan, 1020