Laurence Partan Homes and Jobs

Timeline created by lpartan
  • Born Providence Rhode Island

  • Roger Williams Portrait Studio

    Roger Williams Portrait Studio
  • Hamden Connecticut

  • Dunbar Hill Elementary

  • Sleeping Giant Junior High

  • Kingston New Hampshire

  • Sanborn Seminary, Kingston, New Hampshire

  • Painter Candia New Hampshire

  • Carpenter

  • Carpenter

  • Concordia College Bronxville NY

  • Ice Cream Man

  • Mover, Warehouse

  • USAF Lackland Texas

  • USAF weather school Rantoul, Illinois

  • USAF Weather Observer, Sault St Marie,Michigan

  • USAF Weather Observer, Mannheim, Germany

  • Crete, Greece

  • UNH, Durham New Hampshire

    studying German, Math, Chemistry, shooting for a degree in Meteorology or Oceanography
  • NOAA, National Weather Service, Charleston, WV

    Charleston WV
  • NOAA, National Weather Service, Logan, Boston, Massachusetts

  • NOAA, National Weather Service, Concord, NH

  • Programmer, GE MSTG, Lynn, MA

  • GE Plastics, Pittsfield Massachusetts

  • CTG at Framingham MA

  • CTG Vassar Poughkeepsie NY

  • CTG POSCO Pohang South Korea

  • CTG Keene NH

  • Miami FL Cutler Ridge

  • Sogang University

  • HIT Hyundai Information Technolgy

  • HyCube Technology San Ramon CA

  • Cal.State Univ Stanislaus

  • CSU Stanislaus MA English

  • NonHyeon High School, InCheon, South Korea

  • DBA Bennett Frozen Freight

  • GyeongJu University

  • Period: to

    my history

  • Period: to

    Painter, Travis Steel Co.

    Worked first full-time job as painter, gopher, carpenter, laborer for Shorty Travis making houses
  • Period: to

    Manchester Memorial High School

  • Period: to

    Concordia College Bronxville NY

  • Period: to

    Ice Cream Man, Manchester New Hampshire

    Rented an ice cream truck and sold ice cream novelties from Hood Milk company
  • Period: to

    Concordia College, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

  • Period: to

    USAF Weather Observer

  • Period: to

    UNH study, living in Durham New Hampshire

  • Period: to

    NOAA, National Weather Service, Meteorological Tech

    Charleston, West Virginia, Boston, Massachusetts, Concord, NH
  • Period: to

    Programmer, Analyst, Project Leader at GE, Lynn Massachusetts

  • Period: to

    GE Plastics, Pittsfield Massachusetts

    Project Leader, Analyst, Database Administrator, living in Chesire Massachusetts
  • Period: to

    CTG Consultant

  • Period: to

    CTG POSCO Pohang South Korea

  • Period: to

    Miami Florida

  • Period: to

    Sogang Univ Korean

  • Period: to

    Hyundai Information Technolgy

    Y2K remediations
  • Period: to

    Sogang University Korean

  • Period: to

    HyCube Technology San Ramon

  • Period: to

    California State University Stanislaus TESOL

    Study TESOL, Rhetoric, Composition
  • Period: to

    DBA San Mateo Sheriff

  • Period: to

    CSU Stanislaus Eng

  • Period: to

    NonHyeon High School, InCheon, South Korea

  • Period: to

    GyeongJu University English Professor