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Lamar Smith and the Internet

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Billcover Allowed telecom monopolies to provide internet service Internet Freedom and Broadband Deployment Act of 2001: Voted to allow telecom monopolies to enter the high-speed Internet access market via their long-distance connections whether or not they have allowed competitors into their local markets as required under law. Bill HR 1542 Image Credit
Net neutrality1 1024x679%5b1%5d Voted against Net Neutrality Voted NO on HR 5252 Amendment 987, which would have prevented Telecoms from implementing "pay-to-play" restrictions on internet speed and removed the Telecom monopoly on providng internet service. Infographic Image Credit
Fixfisa Granted Warrantless Surveillance Immunity to Telecoms Voted YES on HR6304, which granted immunity to those organizations engaged in warrantless surveillance Image Credit
Stop%20internet%20snoping Smith Introduces HR1981 HR1981 requires ISPs to track temporarily assigned network addresses (and potentially allows them to track other sensitive information). Retention of this information could have serious civil liberty consequences. Source Image Credit
What sopa infographic Smith introduces SOPA Allows the U.S. Department of Justice to seek court orders to stop online ad networks and payment processors from doing business with foreign websites accused of enabling or facilitating copyright infringement without due process. Source Infographic Image Credit
Canthearyou Feb. Markup of SOPA scheduled Despite widespread opposition to the bill, Lamar Smith feels confident in scheduling the legislation for markup in February. Source Image Credit
Wikipedia joins web blackout i%5b1%5d Blackout SOPA protests 13 million people, 400,000 phone calls, and countless e-mails defeated a bill - 85 congresspeople immediately voiced their opposition as a result. Infographic Image Credit
Dont mess 320x245 SOPA is withdrawn But Smith maintains: Congress cannot stand by and do nothing while American innovators and job creators are under attack. Source Image Credit
Censorship Smith on SOPA: Start Over In an interview, Lamar Smith says of SOPA "we need to wait and start over" [Source](we need to wait and start over)
Not%20listening SOPA protest "misinformed" Lamar Smith: "The language in the bill may have been aimed at taking on foreign piracy, but the definitions of foreign and domestic web sites in the original bill meant that it could be used to target a U.S. web site as well, if that U.S. web site was registered with a foreign domain name registrar." Source Image Credit
Donate 300x169 Moneybomb to Unseat Lamar A grassroots organization holds a moneybomb to air their TVspot in Lamar Smith's district. Help them make this happen!
Rep.%20lamar%20smith Lamar Smith loses his primary race Smith couldn't shake the stigma of sponsoring SOPA - He came in a distant third in a three way race Image Credit