KY Motor Skills Development-First year

Timeline created by Redapanda63214
  • Baby is here!

    Baby is here!
    Baby is born
  • 1 day old

    1 day old
    Finally got to bring him home to meet the rest of the family.
  • Few weeks old

    Few weeks old
    He just mainly sleep and eats.
  • 1 Month old

    1 Month old
    He can lift chin when placed on stomach.
  • 2 months old

    2 months old
    He can lift chest well above surface when placed on stomach
  • 3 months old

    3 months old
    He can hold his body and head up easily.
  • 4 months old

    4 months old
    After some practice he can finally hold his bottle by himself.
  • 5 months old

    5 months old
    After a lot practice he can finally sit up for a brief amount of time by himself.
  • 6 months old

    6 months old
    He has started crawling around.
  • 7 months old

    7 months old
    He can pull himself up on furniture and other household items.
  • 8 months old

    8 months old
    He can sit up steadily and can easily pull himself up.
  • 9 months old

    9 months old
    He can walk when being led, but still walks with the support of furniture or other supports.
  • 10 months old

    10 months old
    Crawls on hands and knees and is more skillful with spoons.
  • 11 months old

    11 months old
    Holds and drinks form cup, and he shows preference over his right hand compared to left.
  • 12 months old

    12 months old
    He can walk alone
  • Period: to

    First year of life